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"I guarantee you will not be disappointed and you will look and feel your very best!" - Brian Haugen

During this virtual, one-on-one, Master Makeup Workshop...

Pro-Makeup Expert Brian Haugen will help you with your most pressing concerns, which may include any of the following:

Brows, lips, eyes, cheeks, foundation, skin tone and skincare & other concerns. You'll work one-on-one with Brian and get your concerns addressed as well as learn Brian's Pro-Techniques, which will revolutionize your makeup routine.

*Please note all times when you schedule your appointment are in (PT) Pacific TIme Zone, U.S. and Canada

What You Need to have your best experience

  • Mirror, 2-sided is best, normal plus magnification
  • Good lighting - sit in bright room or area or in front of a window, so there's a lot of natural light falling on your face (preferably no windows or bright lighting behind you or directly overhead). A "Ring Light" works just as well. 
  • Clean, make-up free face
  • Pad of paper and/or face chart to write notes 
  • Cotton swabs, cotton pads and makeup remover
  • Foundation and/or concealer
  • Makeup Set/Kit and other Brian + MW products

For best results schedule a


with Brian and he will suggest what Skincare, Makeup and Tools for you you use during your Master Workshop.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Pamela Lutrell
    Learned so much

    Brian’s master class was excellent. I learned new techniques that I can easily master plus there was so much new information. I cannot wait to begin this new makeup routine!

    Jan Richmond Whichard
    A Visual Delightful Game Changer

    Ladies, here is the note I wrote to Brian about a week after our virtual session. And before you read it, I also want to say that Brian is someone you will feel you have known forever…he is one of “those” people; I was sorry our virtual session ended and I will do another one very soon.
    “Good afternoon Brian! I want you to know that what you showed me and your wonderful products are a game changer for me. It might sound odd but I wish I had met you and done this 30 years ago. The day after we had our virtual session I remembered most of it and I applied everything as you showed me. From the first person I saw that day I began receiving compliments about how great I looked and how young I looked and even being asked whether or not I’d had “some work” done to my face! My husband used the word “subtle” when I asked how he liked my makeup. Even my granddaughter looked at me yesterday and asked whether I was doing something different and how pretty I looked…she’s 13. I don’t know if people really understand what a difference this makes and what a huge return we get from this 40 minute investment with you. The technique is fast and easy and I look really fresh. You’re the best and when I get my products I’m signing up for another session!”

    Thank You!

    I haven't looked so pretty since my wedding. Almost felt like crying. Thank you Brian for helping me look & feel so beautiful.

    Fantastic Experience

    It was a fantastic experience!!! I have been doing make up on myself for the past decade, but finally got to learn the right techniques!! Applied them already in the past several days - got great results and comments!


    Thank you so much for your time and unique makeup tips!