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During this 2-hour, virtual workshop, Pro-Makeup Expert, Brian Haugen, will address your most pressing concerns about:

Brows, Lips, Eyes, Cheeks, Foundation, Skin tone & Skincare

Brian demonstrates techniques using participants from the group, answers your questions and teaches his Pro-Techniques, which will revolutionize your makeup routine.

You'll learn the hands-on approach from Brian as he "puts the brush in your hands" with his expert, time-tested, professional techniques. You will not be disappointed and you will look and feel your best! 

*Please note all times when you schedule your appointment are in (PT) Pacific TIme Zone, U.S. and Canada

In-Person consultations/lessons and makeup application are also available at:

Brian's studio, in your own home, hotel room, on-set or any other location on request. Special rates apply.

What You Need

  • Clean, make-up free face
  • Questions

For best results and to discuss group size and scheduling, schedule a 

10 minute One-on-One Virtual Consultation 

with Brian for him to suggest the ideal skincare, makeup and tools for your Master Class.

Chat with Brian in box below for private parties, weddings, Zoom meetings or any other event that requires larger numbers.
Disclosure: If less than 4 people register for this virtual group class, then this class will be cancelled. If three people sign up the cost per person will increase to $145/person. If two people sign up the price per person will increase to $158/person and for the single person the price will increase to $166.00.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Fun Workshop and Brian is Great!

    This was a fun and informative virtual workshop about what to use and how to apply everyday makeup. Brian covers some awesome techniques which a lot of women probably aren't aware of. Highly recommend you take this or anyone of his workshops.

    Natalie & Fern
    Superb Experience

    Brian was so much fun and very good at demonstrating various techniques for applying makeup. He's a total expert! My daughter, Fern, and I highly recommend this workshop with Brian. He's a gem!


    I had a good time learning from Brian. I am definitely a beginner with makeup and Brian was very patient the entire time. His instructions were easy to understand and helped me to achieve the look I wanted. If you are interested in stepping up your makeup, Brian is a great choice.

    Loved It

    Okay, I really learned a lot from this workshop and feel confident enough to do my own makeup for an event now (which is an incredible skill to have). I'd like to more classes from Brian. He's very easy to understand and it's much easier to learn make-up this way than from watching a YouTube video.

    I'm Very Happy I Decided To Take The Class

    I'm very happy I decided to take the class. I always felt like I cannot put my eye makeup on correctly, as it would come out kind of patchy. I saw the class by accident when I was looking for something else and thought it would be great to take it. Brian explained to me what brushes to use and everything about brush strokes. He also shared amazing tips about the color palette that matches my skin tone :) And he's so friendly. I'm usually very shy but Brian made me feel very comfortable! He has an amazing makeup and skincare line too. I would take another class to learn more about full face makeup, eye make up and contouring.