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During this 30-minute one-on-one virtual consultation, you'll receive: One-on-one advice and suggestions on any questions you have about your makeup, skincare, beauty application and styling routines.

Brian, one of the best Makeup Experts in the business, will help you with a step-by-step approach to your most pressing concerns, which could be anything from and including:

Brows, lips, eyes, cheeks, foundation, tone & undertone determination, and concealer & skincare solutions plus all of your beauty concerns. Brian will answer your most burning questions and give you his #1 approach & expertise on how to apply it all!

*Please note all times when you schedule your appointment are in (PT) Pacific TIme Zone, U.S. and Canada

What To bring

  • Questions
  • Good lighting (sit in an area where there's a lot of natural light. A "Ring Light" works just as well). 
  • Mirror

To spend more time with Brian for a transformative in-depth expert session. Schedule either one of the following:

One-on-One Master Virtual Workshop

 In-Person One-on-One Master Workshop

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Kathy Garcia
    Wonderful consult

    Brian was very warm, thoughtful and thorough. Good listener. Good suggestions made with care and kindness.

    Wonderful Idea

    Having a 10 minute virtual consult with Brian before scheduling my 1:1 with him was wonderful. He asked me great questions about my current makeup and skincare routine and made great suggestions. Then he sent a list of the skincare and makeup items he suggested, which I also agreed upon. Then I was able to purchase these items from the list he sent over. A very simplified approach. I received my box of goodies and am waiting for my one on one with him. Thanks Brian! A class act!

    Helpful Free Skincare & Makeup Consulation

    I learned makeup from my mom however, I have always felt my makeup didn’t look good at all. I found By Brian on Yelp and in Google and I’m very happy with our consultation. After brief introductions Brian immediately got into asking about my skincare and makeup routine. He quickly and thoroughly made recommendations which made me feel supported and able to achieve professional day to night makeup look(s). He recommended skincare and makeup for our one on one class which I scheduled on once I received the makeup I chose.
    This 10 minutes was more like 20-30 minutes, he was vey generous with his time. I’m excited to get the makeup and schedule my one on one. I highly recommend Brian. He’s down to earth and very much an expert at what he does.

    Very Helpful

    I'm glad I scheduled a 10 minute consult with Brian. He provided answers to questions I had about my eyes, skin tone and provided suggestions for skincare options to help my aging skin.
    What was great is he was willing to created a suggestion of skincare and cosmetics to purchase and offered me a discount on those products when I ordered them online.
    I look forward to my One-on-One which I scheduled with him.
    I highly suggest having a quick zoom with him. And the 10 minutes were free!

    Best 10-Minute Makeup Consult Ever!

    It was the perfect amount of time to get to know Brian. Now we have scheduled a 40 minute Virtual Class. And when I'm in LA I'll attend his in merson Master Workshop! He's a gem of information. I and I'm excited to learn more, Thank you to Susan of for sharingBrina with her readers. I feel so lucky!