In-Person Master Makeup Workshop One-on-One

In-Person Master Makeup Workshop One-on-One

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Pro Makeup Expert Brian Haugen teaches, coaches and supports you during your personalized one-on-one Makeup Master Workshop.

Brian guides and supports your professional, personal and desired image. You'll work one-on-one with Brian and get your concerns addressed and learn Brian's Pro-Techniques, which will simplify and revolutionize your skin and makeup routine.

You'll learn hands on with Brian with his expert experience crafted approach.

"I guarantee you will not be disappointed and you will look and feel your best!" ~Brian

All in-person consultations will be held at the Brian + MW studio in Los Angeles, CA. In-person consultations/lessons and makeup applications are available in-your-home, hotel room or various other locations upon request. Special rates will apply.

What You Need

  • Clean, makeup free face
  • Questions

For best results schedule a Virtual 10 minute Makeup One-on-One Consultation with Brian and he will suggest what skincare, makeup and tools for you you use during your Master Workshop.