Your Skin but Better and Fresher - Featherlight Complexion

Your Skin but Better and Fresher - Featherlight Complexion

Masking up has certainly made us all more aware of our skin! Going for a featherlight complexion loaded with powerful, skin-goodness ingredients will help keep your complexion looking fresh and clean— even under a mask! 

No Makeup Makeup

The “No Makeup Makeup” trend continues to take the makeup and skincare world by storm. This is a trend that isn’t likely to go away! We love skin that looks fresh, light, and clean. I’ve always loved light foundation over heavy coverage. Skin juiced up with serums, treatments, and the right moisturizer will glow all on its own without the aid of heavy concealers or foundation.

Juicing the skin with my INSTANT VISIBLY MOIST FRESHENER on top of my  SUPER RADIANCE SKIN TREATMENT is part of my go-to fresh and glowing skin regimen. With the constant wearing of masks, relying on a lighter makeup style will be good for both your mask and your skin— especially your skins complexion.  

How To Achieve a Clear Complexion

Developing a skincare regimen is one of the best ways to achieve a clear complexion. Here are a couple of key elements that will help you take your complexion to the next level:

1. Exfoliate!

To reveal your best skin, you’ll want to exfoliate with a good scrub, an exfoliating mask, or a good ol’ cleanser with a damp washcloth. Exfoliating will sluff off any dry, tired skin to reveal your glowing, fresh skin underneath. 

My HOME FACIAL | REFRESH REVIVE AND THRIVE YOUR SKIN SET is a great place to start to get your skin and face into top glowing radiance. Plus, the set comes with a step-by-step guide to help you achieve that “Your Skin but Better” look! 

2. Hydrate!

The key to fresh, featherlight, even and balanced complexion is treating your skin with love and kindness. The best way to do that is to make sure you’re hydrating your skin effectively. You can do this through diet! You read that right. 

Hydrate with your weight in ounces of water daily, fresh greens, and a balance of good proteins. Fish is a great protein, loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins such as D and B2. Fish is rich in calcium, a great source of minerals like iron, zinc, and potassium. Eating healthy will help you achieve that glow-from-within-look so many of us covet!

Featherlight Complexion

Achieving a featherlight complexion is easier than you think! I choose between two skincare cosmetics:


  • Both are lightweight and will help you achieve  a lit-from-within look. Applied either with your fingers, or a sponge saturated with your favorite mist, press or pat the foundation or product into your skin. A brush will work as well. Avoid long brush strokes particularly through the cheeks and forehead — this can make your foundation look streaky and noticeable instead of natural and light. 

    Don’t Forget the Bronzer!

    Adding a soft veil of bronzer can go a long way in, giving your skin a fresh glow. Bronzer can be used to create a stark contour, warm up paler skin, or give you a natural sun-kissed glow. Adding a dab of translucent bronzer to your featherlight complexion will help give your look some depth and warmth without looking orange or dirty! 

    If you have oily to normal skin, a powder bronzer is the formula to go for! If your skin is more dry, a cream bronzer blended gently with your fingertips or a sponge will do wonders for giving your complexion a subtle radiance. 

    Pro Tip: Mix a little bit of powder bronzer into your moisturizer to give your skin an all over but slight glow.  

    This season is all about featherlight coverage! Give your skin the added boost it needs to glow all on its own with or without a mask!