What order do you put your makeup on?

What order do you put your makeup on?

What order do you put makeup on?


Whether you’re brand new to the makeup world or someone who has perfected your beauty regimen, we could all use a little guidance when it comes to the correct order of makeup application. With my years of experience as makeup artist to the stars, you can quit stressing over when to apply concealer or eyeshadow. 

Makeup Steps in Order

Makeup order can be a tricky topic, mostly because there are so many differing opinions. If you follow these six easy steps, you’ll walk away with a routine that saves you time, energy, and product in the long run. 


Make sure your skin is prepped and ready before applying any product. Always start with a good spritz to give your skin what it needs.  If you’re dry, go for a gentle exfoliating spray to slough off dead skin. If you’re over oily, moisturize with a gel-based lotion to hydrate without looking greasy. Proper skincare is the gateway to flawless looking makeup!


    Step two is all about treatment. Here is where you’ll want to go in with an exfoliating scrub for your lips, followed by a balm, a moisturizing eye cream, or whatever serum you use to give your skin that extra boost of radiance. 

      Easy Makeup Steps for a Flawless Finish


      Beginning with eye makeup is going to be the key to a streamlined makeup routine. 
      Even the best, most blendable eyeshadow formulas often leave a dusting of pigment under the eye or on the tops of the cheeks, ruining any carefully applied color-correcting product. 
      To avoid having to go back and redo any concealer or foundation due to fallout, begin each look with eye makeup. 

        What Makeup Do I Need?


        After the eyes comes foundation. Applying a light primer first will help keep any product from slipping throughout the day. 
        I prefer a light translucent foundation or a tinted primer that will allow for slight tone change from season to season. A great choice is my tinted primer or LIQUID MINERAL TINT, which can be worn alone or beneath a more full coverage foundation as a primer. 


          After you’ve applied your base, now is the time to go in with all the fun bits. Add bronzer  to warm up the face or contour, then go in with blush and highlighter. Finish the look with brows, mascara, and lips. 
          Mascara can be done with the eyes, but feel free to add more if you like! 

            STEP 6: SET AND SPRAY

            Set every look with a blotting power or a setting spray to keep products from melting off or moving around your face throughout the day. Spitz dry skin with a moisturizing setting spray. If you are more oily, I would suggest a more dewy finish. 

              By following these makeup steps in order, you’re sure to save yourself time and product. The best way to get your step-by-step face down is to attend one of my VIRTUAL ZOOM ONE-ON-ONES. Put your best face forward in just forty minutes!