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Treating and Smoothing Neck Lines and Wrinkles

neck with wrinkles and lines before using firming neck and throat creme and after

Your neck is a unique area which is often overlooked when it comes to Skincare routines. Brian's Firming Neck & Chest Creme provides the neck, jawline and chest with firming peptides, an anti-puffiness complex and a luxurious emollience for remarkably silky, smooth skin. In addition to this marvelous cream Brian offers great techniques for application. Get ahead seeing things in the mirror that weren't there before.

The dreaded and noticeable lines, wrinkles, crepey and sagging skin will show up, unfortunately. Recently, blogger Lisa Carnochan in her blog Privilege gave a wonderful shout out to my luxurious and effective FIRMING NECK AND CHEST CREME. I love what she said it does, "...firm up the crepe." It does exactly that and more.

neck, jawline and chest firming white rich creme from brianandmw by brian and makeover workshop on white background

(I know the image shows the name being FIRMING NECK AND THROAT CREME  the product name was recently changed to replace the redundant word throat to chest. New image from photoshoot to come.)

The creme contains two super transformative skin re-creation peptides. First, Matrixyl™ 3000, a peptide containing multiple amino acids and cell signaling complex, which targets cell recreation providing firmness and resculpt of the neck, jawline and décolleté. And the results are  smoother, firmer skin with a visibly lifted, sculpted and smooth neck, jawline and chest. Enhancing the sculpted effect is the anti-puffiness complex Eyeliss®, which is a blend of skin-strengthening flavonoids plus elasticity-enhancing peptides that diminishes slackened skin tone and visibly re-creates skin without flaccidity in the hard to repair neck area. 

This velvet textured special formulated creme rapidly absorbs into your neck, jawline and chest providing unique needs of the often-neglected, prematurely-aged region below the face.

In my MASTER WORKSHOPS I teaches application techniques to help flush out fluids in the neck,throat  and chest areas while apply the Firming Neck and Chest Creme.

skin firming peptide serum and vitamin c and vitamin e super radiance treatment in brown bottle withwhite pump applicator by brian and brianandmw makeover workshop

95% of the time during my classes I will suggest applying RE-CREATION SKIN FIRMING SERUM mixed with SUPER RADIANCE VITAMIN C & E TREATMENTunder the neck cream and then applying the mixture to the rest of the face. This boosts firming, smoothing, brightness and skin freshness. Your skin will have a fresh luminosity and renewed firmness. 

So, it's true what Lisa and others have said it "...firms up the crepe."

Here what others have written...

Smooths my Neck & Lightens My Chest Sun Spots

I can be very skeptical of skincare products helping with my aging problem. I’m 47 and my skin is good however, not perfect anymore. A little sagging and crepey on my neck. Plus, I was in the sun a lot so I have sun spots and redness on my chest. This neck creme works. Smooth neck and much firmer. Plus, my chest is looking lighter and smoother. I’m going to Connie with this find. Love Brian + MW skincare! I wholeheartedly recommend this and the complete line. Thank you ~Stephanie

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