The Best Soft Summer Makeup Tips

The Best Soft Summer Makeup Tips

It’s no secret that soft makeup is in for summer. Make sure you’re adequately prepping your skin for that romantic summer glow! 

Niacinamide: The Superhero of Summer Makeup!

Before you can start dolling up your face with blushes and contour, it’s important to make sure your skin is prepped and protected for summer. If you’re someone who struggles with sensitivity and redness, niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3, will help protect your skin and balance it out. 

This B3 superhero also fights premature aging and damaged skin. Because of its universality for all skin types and skin concerns, the water soluble Niacinamide works to:

  • minimize large pores
  • even skin tone
  • soften wrinkles
  • strengthen the elasticity of the skin

Is there anything this vitamin B3 can’t do? 

Brighten and Protect the Eyes 

My ILLUMINATE & CONTOUR EYE TREATMENT contains niacinamide, and is our #1 eye treatment and serum. The skin around our eyes is extremely sensitive and prone to damage. My serum will help brighten and protect your eyes this summer by fighting to reverse that damage. The niacinamide fights against:

  • Sagging upper lid
  • Under eye puffiness
  • Loss of firmness and elasticity around the eye
  • Reversing fine lines, wrinkles, and shadows 

Our eye treatment also contains anti-gravity and high energy light deflection technology, which shields the skin from the harsh blue light of laptops, televisions, and cell phones. In our ever-increasingly technological world, we can’t forget to protect our sensitive eyes!

Pro Tip: Use twice daily for best results. A small, pearl-sized drop will do for both eyes. Inch the treatment into the inner corner and under the eye, then sweep the serum up onto the lid and brow bone for full effect. 

Soft Summer Makeup

With the “less is more” mentality when it comes to trendy summer looks, it’s fun to give the eyes a pop of color to really stand out. Here are just a few trending eye looks this season:

  • No Liquid Liner Here!

  • Ditch those thick liquid liners in favor of soft, smoked out shadow liners. It’s easy! Using an angled brush, blend a dark brown shadow along your lash line. Blend out using a fluffy brush for that diffused, sexy look. 

  • Creme Shadows
  • No need for heavy shadows and layers of color. Go for a simpler look with a creme eye shadow. Sweep one color all over the lid— no need to fuss about with layers of shadow this summer!

  • Smoky Pink 
  • If you’re going for a heavier eye look, go for pink! An intense shade smoked out all over the lip and under the eye will give your look the perfect avantgarde edge. Pink looks good on every skin tone and will make the eyes pop. 

    Give your summer eyeshadow a great base by using treatments that brighten and protect the eyes. Stay tuned for more discussions of Niacinamide and future pro-b3 support! 

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