Where to Draw the Line: RE-CREATION vs. SUPER RADIANCE

Where to Draw the Line: RE-CREATION vs. SUPER RADIANCE

We'll be the first to admit that skincare can be confusing, no matter your age!

At By Brian, we have so many skincare lines with a lot to offer. Whether you're looking to add a glow to your 2024 glow up, or you're wanting to turn back the clock, By Brian has several different products that can leave you looking vibrant and beautiful.

Re-Creating Timeless Skin

By Brian's Re-Creation line of skincare products is meant to recreate timeless skin. the number one enemy of radiant, youthful looking skin is time. With our line of skincare infused with anti-aging and collagen building ingredients, you can watch the years melt away in real time. 

Sun damage and environmental stressors can all have negative effects on healthy skin. There are a plethora of serums and moisturizers at By Brian that can dramatically assist in giving you back that healthy, youthful glow. Our RE-CREATION SKIN FIRMING SERUM is a must for anyone looking to take their skin lacking firmness, loose and sagging skin above and below their eyes to dramatically visible firmness of maturing skin in just 2 to 4 weeks. 

Our revolutionary, extra-firming serum will dramatically improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in 30 days with daily application. At By Brian, we're all about promoting ageless, pro-longevity skin. Our skincare isn't a quick, one-time fix but rather designed to promote lasting change over time with such potent ingredients as Matrixyl Peptides, which outperform both retinols and vitamin C when it comes to anti-aging properties. 

That being said, our SUPER RADIANCE VITAMIN C & E SKIN TREATMENT is a must-have for your makeup bag. Combined with the Skin Firming Serum, By Brian's Super Radiance Vitamin C & E treatment will visibly brighten aging and sun-damaged skin. 

Pro Tip: Apply to back of neck, shoulders, and chest to improve skin elasticity most exposed to environmental stressors. 

If I could turn back time...

Cher isn't the only one wishing to turn back time. We all want to look younger and brighter without having to resort to plastic surgery. Investing in a strong skincare regimen is the best way to achieve that youthful glow without breaking the bank.

At By Brian, we strongly recommend the RE-CREATION COMPLETE SKIN RENEWAL SERUM. Just like the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, our Complete Skin Renewal Serum is going to be the powerhouse of your beauty regimen. A brand new favorite, this product will:

  • brighten
  • firm
  • hydrate and repair

Does it get any better than that? With over a dozen benefits, this new product is guaranteed to knock your socks off. 

Help us help you re-create the original ageless creation: YOU. 

More Than a Little Radiant

By Brian's Super Radiance line of products is designed to bring a fresh, radiant, dewy, luminous, bright, and ageless glow to all skin types. And we do mean all! 

Whether you're struggling with textured, red, or aging skin, our SUPER RADIANCE MULTI-ACTION RESTORING SERUM revitalizes and reverses dull, tired, sluggish skin. Luxurious and lightweight, this rapidly absorbing serum will restructure your skin from the inside out. Free of parabens and gluten free, this brand new serum works well at night under your favorite moisturizer as well as during the day under your makeup. 

Which products will work for you?

Not everyone has the exact same skincare needs. If you're someone who's just started thinking about incorporating anti-aging products into your daily routine, By Brian can help you decide which products will work best with your particular skin type. 

Already familiar with anti-aging properties in skincare? Great! Let us help you add an extra dash of radiance to beauty bag. By booking a COMPLIMENTARY 30 MINUTE VIRTUAL ONE-ON-ONE with Beauty Expert Brian, you will walk away with a deeper understanding of your skin's needs and the perfect products to help you be your most radiant you!woman doing makeup over zoom