Sunscreen— A Must the Experts Have Spoken

Sunscreen— A Must the Experts Have Spoken

It’s summer time, so you know what that means! Time to get out there and get moving. The sun loves you and so do we! It’s important to be protected while basking in that glorious summer sun. 

Sunscreen Summer Essential

While we do love and appreciate a good tan, the summer sun can be harmful if you’re not being careful. Sunscreen is a must for everyone at every age. Unfortunately, most sun damage is done before we hit our 20s. 

But that doesn’t mean all hope is lost!

To ensure healthy skin, everyday sunscreen is a must. There are two types of sunblocks on the market:

  • Chemical sunblocks: absorbs ultraviolet rays from the sun
  • Physical sunblocks: reflects ultraviolet rays from the sun

Combining sunscreen with skincare is a great way to protect your face all day.

How to Use Sunscreen on Your Face

Physical sunblocks are mainly composed of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These ingredients work together to allow the sun’s ultraviolet rays to bounce off the surface of the skin. 

Chemical sunblocks absorb the same ultraviolet rays of the sun. A recent article on the science of sunscreen  in the Harvard Medical Journal debunks the myth that chemical sunblocks can be harmful to our health, affecting hormone levels. 

Such claims are unsubstantiated and untrue. 

What the experts do agree on is that sun protection is an every day essential for everyone. 

Sunscreen with Makeup

Our goal is for you to love the skin you’re in!  My SUPER RADIANCE SKIN PROTECTION SPF 50 and my UNDERWEAR SUNSCREEN SPF 30 perfectly balances function and fashion. It lightens and brightens with luminosity, plus it adds much needed moisture to the skin. 

These products not only protect your skin, they also reduce discoloration, hydrate, and smooth the overall appearance of fine lines and sun damage. 

Use 365 days a year! It’s great for men and women. 

The key to healthy skin is sun protection! Apply your sunscreen before your primer or foundation. An added bonus of sun protection is that extra assurance your makeup will have something to stick to. 

Sun protection and makeup go hand-in-hand. Give your skin a fighting chance by wearing sunscreen on the daily. Your skin will love you for it!