Spring Skin Care and Makeup

Spring Skin Care and Makeup

We’re not just springing forward, we’re also springing into new trends! With the changing of the seasons comes the inevitable changing of skin care and makeup looks. Time to transition your everyday routines from cold and wintry so sunny and springy!

Spring Skin Care

Where winter saw us pampering our skin with extra hydration, this spring is all about exfoliation. Cold weather often leaves dry, flaky skin in its wake. This spring, take charge of complexion by spending a little bit of extra time exfoliating. Many people avoid the exfoliation step in their nightly routine for fear of drying out the skin. 

As the weather warms up, however, our skin is better able to tolerate stronger agents like acids and active ingredients. This spring, give your skin an extra glow by using products like SUPER RADIANCE EXFOLIATING FRESHENER to slough off dry skin that can make you look crusty and sallow. Reveal the new, smooth skin beneath with just a couple of extra minutes!

Skin Care Changes for Spring

Switching over to a lighter moisturizer is going to be a key change for your spring skin care routine. Gone are the heavy-hitting creams of winter! Lighter moisturizers with humectants and emollients will mesh much better with your skin in the warmer months, and they’ll help prevent your skin from looking greasy or sticky. 

A product that is gel based will work wonders — they absorb quickly and still protect the skin barrier without feeling tacky or over-the-top. My HYDRATING GEL CLEANSER will strike the perfect balance between hydration and cleanser without stripping the skin. 

Here are just a few other changes you’ll want to consider for spring:

  • SPF: Many of us forgo the use of SPF during the winter months (a big no-no!), so spring is definitely the time to add it back in! Sun protection is one of the best anti-aging practices out there. Both of my Sunscreens are divine. I highly recommend using them together, I do this myself when I’m outdoors year round with the strong sun from Southern California…even when there are clouds. Super Radiance Skin Protection SPF 50 contains ingredients which hydrate, minimize dark spots, limit skin’s aging and brightens and calms. My UnderWear Sunscreen contains sunray reflective Zinc Oxide, a wonderful anti-bacterial for clearer skin. Together they bring radiance and super sun protection.

  • Antioxidants: To avoid sun damage, incorporate products with a healthy dose of antioxidants into your skin care routine. Vitamin C is the way to go! Super Radiance Skin Protection is the gold standard Vitamin C skincare wonder, look it up and read all about it and what other say!

  • Facial Mist: Tucking a facial mist into your purse or makeup bag to use throughout the day is essential for the perfect complexion this spring. It’s a great way to cleanse and refresh your skin on the go! My INSTANT SOOTHING MIST will not only set makeup, but will also hydrate, calm, and soothe irritated skin. It’s great for sunburns, too!

Spring Makeup Looks

Changing your makeup look with the season is a must every year. Winter is all about vampy lips and sultry eyes, but the onslaught of more sunshine, longer days, and warmer weather means your makeup routine is also due for an overhaul. Here a few new looks you’ll want to add into your daily rotation:

1. No Makeup Makeup

Where winter is all about full coverage, spring is more about glowing, natural complexions. Instead of going for that matte, full to medium coverage liquid foundation, try a BB cream instead! Lightweight and durable, it will give you an extra bit of coverage without going over the top. 

Instead of layering your face with powders, go for cream blushes and highlighters to look more natural and flushed. My CHEEKY GLOW CREAM BLUSH BLOOMING AND DAHLIA DUO is a smooth and buildable blush set that will give you the perfect swipe of color every time!

2. Soap Brows

One of the more unique trends this spring, soap brows are a great way to give character to your face! Thick, groomed brows are in — give your brows a boost with just two simple products: soap and a fine-point brow pen! 

3. Monochromatic

Matching your eyes, lips, and cheeks is going to be taking the makeup world by force this spring. The overall effect is an ethereal, angelic glow giving you an effortlessly polished look. 

Take your skin care and makeup routines to the next level this spring. Morning and evening ministrations are all about keeping it light, honest, and naturally pretty — just like you! Don’t be afraid to try new things or mix it up this season.