Skincare Tips For Summer

Skincare Tips For Summer

Summer is here! And with it a change to your skincare routine. Whether you’re an inside gal or an outdoors fanatic, seasonal summer changes need to be taken into account when it comes to your skin. 

Skincare Tips for Summer

Summer is the season to kick back, relax, and have a cocktail poolside. While there’s a little more wiggle room for slacking off during the summer, the same can’t be said for your skincare routine. 

It’s important to follow these simple steps to make sure your skin is glowing, gorgeous, and protected all summer long:

1. Sunscreen All Day, Every Day

Sunscreen is key all year round. UVA and UVB rays can be especially damaging during the summer months. Be sure to incorporate sun protection into your skincare regimen. 

2. Light It Up

Summer is a good time to wear lighter foundations. Most likely you’ll be spending more time outside, making heavy, thick foundation a nuisance. Lighter foundations tend to be more sweat-proof. 

A tinted primer is a great choice for lighter, fresher coverage. My LIQUID MINERAL TINT is a 100% physical sunblock. Perfect for a day spent at the pool, hiking, or simply sitting outside getting a dose of that Vitamin D. My TINTED PRIMER is a combination of mineral and chemical ingredients that will not only provide coverage, but also a higher sun protection. 

Best Skincare For Summer

3. Lighter Makeup All Around

Summer makeup trends are lighter and fresher all around. You’ll want to lighten up on everything: foundation, lips, eyes, and blush. 

Sheer lip products like glosses will compliment a lighter foundation. Instead of going in heavy-handed with a darker blush, go instead for a creme blush in lighter shades to compliment the season. 

Adding a little gloss to the eyes is also a great way to bring the summer season into your makeup look. Pinks and soft bronzes will pair beautifully with a light gloss on the lid to give your face the fresh dewy look that is so in right now. 

Pro Tip: If you don’t want to add gloss to your eyelids, a dab vaseline will do just fine. 

Tips for the Perfect Summer Skin 

4. Mist It

Mists are a great tool to have in your skincare arsenal. They are great for keeping cool during the summer months, rehydrating your skin, and reducing redness. There are also mists that will lightly exfoliate your skin without going overboard. My three mists check all three boxes: 

5. Lighter Moisturizer

If you find yourself oiler in the summer, go for a lighter moisturizer. Gel moisturizers are a great alternative to more lotion-based products. Oil free moisturizers are good year round, but particularly nice during the summer. 

Since you’ll be wearing more SPF protection during the summer, you don’t want to weigh your skin down with too much product. A lighter moisturizer will help keep your skin looking fresh without looking and feeling overloaded. 

While we continue to work from home and on zoom, it’s a great time to try lighter and fresher makeup ideas. Go lighter and brighter this summer!