Skincare Myths—Debunked!

Skincare Myths—Debunked!

The internet—while a wonderful tool—is also rife with false information, especially when it comes to your complexion. It can be difficult to decide which tips and tricks are worth a try. Luckily for you, I have a few tried and true techniques up my sleeve.

So Many Skincare Myths, So Little Time

Everyone has the perfect fix for a tricky complexion. But how can you tell which one will actually work? With my extensive industry experience, I have more than enough know-how to point you toward skincare facts and away from skincare myths.

One of the most common myths is that you should only apply sunscreen when directly in the sun. This is completely FALSE. To properly protect your complexion, you need to apply some sort of sunscreen whether it’s sunny or cloudy, indoors or outdoors. 

Incorporating sun protection into your daily routine isn’t as difficult as it sounds—my UNDERWEAR SUNSCREEN SPF 30 is for all skin types and protects throughout the day with an added boost of hydration. 

Skincare Facts: Your Products Matter!

Many sources will tell you that skincare products listed as “natural and organic” are the best of the best. That is—you guessed it—false. Many of the ingredients listed on these types of products are actually full of chemicals. It’s important to check the list of ingredients and vet them thoroughly before incorporating new products into your skincare routine. 

Another myth is that it’s important to exfoliate every day. While it is important to slough off flaky, dead skin, exfoliating every day is too much! You don’t want to over do it and irritate your skin. A heavy hitter is great every once in a while, but gentle cleansers are better for day-to-day use and help save your skin. 

Keeping Pores Clear

Many people will tell you that coconut oil is the holy grail of skincare. This is definitely NOT true. Coconut oil is highly comedogenic, meaning that it clogs your pores into oblivion. The oil molecules are far too big to be properly absorbed into the skin, so it ends up just sitting on the surface of your skin. 

Hydration is one of the most important facets of any good skincare routine. There are plenty of moisturizers out there that will hydrate without clogging your pores. For example, my SUPER ALL DAY MOISTURE CREME is a 24 hour smart hydrating moisturizer. It will lock in moisture all day or night to leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Bonus— it doesn’t clog your pores! 

While many myths claim that sugar and greasy foods can cause breakouts, we have come to realize that hormones, inflammation, excessive amounts of sebum, and bacteria are the real culprits. 

That said, maintaining a balanced diet certainly won’t harm your skin. Drinking plenty of water is also a great way to keep your skin hydrated and flush out anything you don’t want stuck in your pores.

It can be difficult to tell myths from facts in the beauty world. Having debunked my fair share of myths over the course of my career, I hope my know-how will help you create a skincare routine that works for you and not against you!