Seductive Eyes, Smooth Eyes & Fresh Eyes for ALL Ages

Seductive Eyes, Smooth Eyes & Fresh Eyes for ALL Ages

There’s no doubt about it — the eyes have it! From sultry to summery, your eye makeup can define any look. Don’t be afraid to layer on the eyeshadow to create the perfect seductive eyes!

Primed and Ready

In order for any sultry seductive eye to pop, be sure your lids, from lashes to brows are smooth, primed, and lifted. Plus, remember your under eyes need extra care too for them to be bright, smooth, and contoured. Here is where my Skincare magic happens! Applying my ILLUMINATE AND CONTOUR EYE TREATMENT will provide everything you need and want to achieve smoking eyes! This is the best Multi-effective Super Eye Perfecting Serum in the Skincare world.  This regenerative eye treatment packs a massive punch — priming and smoothing your eyes for a slew of sexy shadows and looks while it simultaneously brightens, de-puffs, and sculpts your under eyes, lids, crease, and brow bone! 

If you’re afraid to try a seductive eyes makeup look because you have more mature skin with fine lines, this product is for you! Who doesn’t like a skincare-makeup combo? My treatment will reshape sagging and hooded lids while at the same time laying down a smooth base for any eyeshadow. 

Seductive Eyes Color Palette

There are so many different ways to pull off the perfect seductive eyes makeup look. One thing to keep in mind is to stick with shades that will best compliment your eye color and skin tone. For example:

  • Green eyes will really stand out with dashes of purple or bronze like my eye shadow in shades BENGAL and BIZARRE.
  • Blue eyes should stick to lighter, more neutral shades. Anything really dark and heavy will only detract from your shimmering blue. Go for shades GLORIOUS or MERINGUE
  • Brown eyes are beautifully offset with bold, rich pigments. Turn the volume up with shades like my POSITANO and the darker COFFEE

Seductive Eyes Makeup How To

No matter which color of eyes you have, don’t be afraid to play around with different shadow looks! There is always a time and place for a sexy, sultry, smoky eye. Follow these simple steps to amp up those peepers!

  • Step 1: After priming the eye, apply a base layer of the lightest shade you’ll use — keep it shimmery to really turn up the volume. 
  • Step 2: Choose a darker shade — think smoky brown or matte black — and apply that to the crease. Don’t be too heavy-handed! The key to any smoky eye look is to blend, blend, and blend some more. 
  • Step 3: Apply the darkest shade of your choosing to the outer corner. Here’s a pro tip: Apply a gel liner to the upper lash line — my SUPER LONGWEAR GEL LINER works beautifully. Before it’s totally set, apply a black or dark eye shadow powder on top to really give that bedroom eyes look some vavavoom. 
  • Step 4: Don’t forget the lower lashline! Using the same eyeshadow color you’ve used in the outer corner of your lid, sweep shadow along your lower lash line. To really define the eyes, you can smudge a dark eyeliner on top, making sure to blend out with a stiff brush. No harsh lines here! 

Pro Tip: For darker eyes, you can even line your waterline with a dark black or brown. For eyes on the lighter side, opt for a white or nude eyeliner in the waterline so as not to overwhelm or shrink your eyes. 

No matter your age, a sultry eye look is not only achievable but beautiful! With a little bit of practice and my guidance, you’ll soon learn to mask the perfect seductive eyes look to capture anyone and everyone’s attention!