Makeup Necessities For Your Makeup Bag

Makeup Necessities For Your Makeup Bag


Whether you’re an avid lover of all things cosmetic or new to the game, there are a few makeup necessities every beauty guru needs in their makeup bag. With just a few products, burgeoning beauties will transform into tried and true experts! 

Makeup Necessities

Makeup can be one of the more intimidating parts of your beauty regimen. With so many different types of products and brands to choose from, honing in on the necessities can often include a lot of trial and error. Luckily for you, I’ve narrowed an entire industry down to a handful of makeup essentials for beginners! Every beauty guru’s makeup bag should include: 

  • Primer

It’s important to not only give your makeup something to stick to, but also lend a layer of protection between your skin and the products you’re going to be wearing all day. A primer will give you a smooth base, allowing your makeup to last longer and look better.

Primers with SPF are more than a good idea. My TINTED PRIMER in four different shades can be used alone or as a base for a more full coverage foundation.

  • Brows 

It’s no secret that eyebrows are IN. You don’t have to be intimidated by the latest eyebrow trend — not with the right tools anyway! All you’ll need is a little pencil or a powder, depending on the look you’re going for.

A little product goes a long way, so don’t be afraid to buy it in miniature if you’re just starting to experiment with your brows.

Makeup Essentials for Beginners 

  • Nude & Red Lipsticks 

One of the most versatile tools in any makeup kit is lipstick. By investing in both a nude and red lip to complement your complexion, you’re giving yourself the ability to take any look from day to night. A soft nude lip will offset a powerful eye or bright blush perfectly. A bold and bright red lip pairs beautifully with a simple swipe of mascara.

When going for any particular look, it’s important to balance out your features. With over nearly 30 shades to choose from, my BRIAN + MW LIPSTICKS are rich, creamy, and infused with antioxidants.

Pro Tip #1: If you’re opting for a dramatic eye, an understated lip is the epitome of chic and sophistication. If you’re going for a bold lipstick, balance out your face with a natural shadow and minimal liner. 

  • Mascara

One of the easiest ways to look polished and poised is with mascara. Just one or two coats will make your eyes stand out, lengthening your lashes easily. Makeup beginners don’t need to be reaching for those falsies — investing in the right mascara is more than enough to give your eyes definition and depth.

My MAX-DEFINING LASH MASCARAS come in navy, black, and brown-black shades that will volumize, lengthen, curl, and condition your eyelashes.

Pro Tip #2: Navy mascara will go nicely with blue eyes and brown eyes. If you have ultra light eyelashes, straight black mascara might be too harsh, so brown-black is a great alternative. 

Makeup Bag Musts 

  • Tool Time 

While many products like creme blushes or eyeshadows can be applied with the fingers, there are a few steps in the makeup routine that will require a specific tool — an eyelash curler, for example, or a round, fluffy brush to precisely apply bronzer.

A smoky eye is difficult to achieve with the pads of your fingers but can be perfectly executed with the right blending brush.

My PREMIUM TRAVEL OR STAY-IN COSMETIC BRUSH SET has everything you need to quickly and expertly apply your makeup. The set includes: 

  • Premium Domed Natural Bristle Powder Brush
  • Premium Angle Natural Bristle Blush & Contour Brush
  • Premium Natural Eye Shadow Apply Brush
  • Premium Synthetic Concealer/Foundation Brush
  • Premium Synthetic Angle Eye Liner and Precision Brow Application
  • Premium Retractable Precision Application Lipstick Brush
  • Premium Leather Carrying Pouch

The perfect makeup kit is just a few products away! With these five makeup essentials for beginners, you’ll be able to artfully pull off any look. Whether you’re for sultry soft, or bold and brash, Brian + MW can help you create it.