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Lips Can Be Amazing At Any Age

Clients & customers often come to me with concerns about their lips as they mature. The loss of volume and the appearance of fine lines around the mouth are some of the first signs of maturing skin...and there are solutions!

Pro-Aging Lips

Lips are more delicate than we all realize. Of all the skin we plump, prep, and prime, our lips are the most at risk. When it comes to why lips are one of the first features to show signs of maturing, there are several factors to consider: 

  • Lips begin losing collagen around the age of 20. As we mature the collagen we produce in our lips decreases, which results in loss of plumpness thus volume. 
  • Lack of hydration is a big issue as we mature. Our lips naturally become dehydrated over time. 
  • Lines and wrinkles around the mouth become more common as we mature, especially for smokers. Nicotine and the loss of oxygen in our cells is very damaging at any age.
  • Inflammation from pollution, sun irritation, stress, and an unhealthy diet can also contribute to the loss of elasticity and lines around the lips. 

If your lip care routine includes a minimal swipe of Chapstick here and there, you’ll definitely want to up your game as some Chapstick ingredients can leave your lips drier than they were to begin with!

Lip Care for Mature Lips

If your lips look and feel tired and limp, or even if they’re plump and gorgeous, you’ll want to factor in a few additional steps to your skincare routine. Since we begin losing collagen around age 20, establishing a pro-aging skincare routine early is key!


Apply a healthy dose of sunblock to your lips. Because the skin on our lips is so sensitive, they need protection from the sun as much as or even more than the rest of our body! Brian+MW UNDERWEAR SUNSCREEN is a fantastic way to  physically block the sun’s harmful rays. It’s full of antioxidants and hydrating ingredients that will not only protect your lips from the sun but give it that added boost of moisture. 

The greaseless formula provides a silky finish that pairs amazingly well with lipsticks, liners and glosses. 


Getting rid of that layer of dead skin will help your lips look plump and hydrated. Sloughing dead skin off will keep your lips from being dry or flaky. 

Lipsticks won’t bleed into fine lines when you take the time to properly exfoliate and moisturize your lips. Brian+MW SUPER RADIANCE EXFOLIATING FRESHENER will give your lips the boost they need to look plump and fresh.

My LIP SUGAR SCRUB beautifully and gently polishes lips and readies them for anything from kisses to lip treatment, lipstick and gloss. The scrub polishes, smooths and protects using a favorite of science castor oil and spearmint leaf oil which both give your lips a soft, luscious feel. Use 3-4 times per week. If  your lips are extremely dry gently scrub using INSTANT SOOTHING MIST for a more gentle scrub, then follow-up 4 times per day with RE-CREATION LIP TREATMENT.

Pro-Aging Tips for Lips

Collagen & Hydration

Your lips will be properly hydrated with Brian+MW RE-CREATION LIP TREATMENT. This lip treatment is miraculous, it's the best, most potent lip perfecting treatment available today! With consistent use, you’ll see a positive improvement in your lips hydration, texture, plumpness, smoothness, and contour with NO irritation. Lines around your lips will diminish within days to weeks. You'll have your most kissable lips EVER! You'll all be kissing me for turning you on to my magic lip treatment!  I guarantee you!😘

“Transformed my lips! This treatment improved my dry, chapped and rough lips in 4 days. I love this product. I’ve noticed over the 5 months of use that my lips are way smoother, FULLER and my lipstick goes on beautifully and I have no drying irritation anymore. A real godsend of a product. I highly recommend Re-Creation Lip Treatment. Thank you Brian!! 💋 ❤️   ~ Jessica 

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My lip treatment is the Best in Class for lip care today. My treatment contains two powerful trademarked age-fighting ingredients--Ultra Filling Spheres™ and a marine ingredient named Seacode™. The spheres have a powerful ability to absorb evaporating water deep in the skin and hold the water within the spheres under the skin providing renewed and restored plumpness. The marine ingredient firms and smoothes the fine lines of the lips helping redefine contour, improving pucker and lip texture. Additionally, Cosmoperine® from Black Pepper Fruit Extract improves the skin's penetration of all the active ingredients in this treatment.

Sea Buckthorn Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin F and Dexpanthenol complete this Award winning Lip Treatment!! 💋