Learning Makeup Basics With Virtual Makeup Consultations

Learning Makeup Basics With Virtual Makeup Consultations

Virtual Makeup Consultations


Flawless makeup is just a click away! Anyone from around the globe can learn one-on-one from a real Hollywood pro with a virtual makeup consultation. Experience an entire base to brows how-to from the comfort of your couch. 

Face to Face Virtual Makeover

In our increasingly technological world, I offer face to face consultations that will not only give you new tips and techniques for flawless looking makeup, but also give you the know-how of an industry expert. 

A virtual makeover online is the ideal way to learn makeup applications. I am able to tweak and refine techniques live and immediate. Focused attention screen-to-screen allows detailed teaching for trickier areas of the face like eyeshadow application and brow shaping. Through our virtual makeover online, you will not only have my undivided attention, but you will also be able to learn and apply in real time. The best way to learn is with a brush in your hand!

Makeup Consultation Tips and Tricks 

Industry tips and tricks are at your fingertips with a live virtual makeup consultation. Through virtual learning, you will be able to become the expert when it comes to the planes of your own face.

Beauty influencers and YouTube videos are a great way to dip your toes into the beauty industry, but a virtual makeup consultation will pick up where they left off. By taking one of my online virtual makeovers, I will pull back the curtain and give you the product and application breakdown often missing in a YouTube tutorial. Attending a live class will be like having a makeup artist with you on the go. You will be able to flawlessly take YOUR EYES FROM DAY TO NIGHT no matter where you are. 

Practice Makes Perfect 

Participating in a makeup consultation with me will give you the space and attention you need to become your own makeup artist. You will learn what kind of lighting is best and why, how to prep the skin for a full face of product, and in what order to apply your makeup. 

There’s no falling back on the makeup artist to perfect that arch or blend that blush! Through my virtual makeover online, I act as a live magic mirror giving you all the feedback you could ever need or want. Look in the mirror and receive reflected help. 

A makeup consultation with me will give you all the confidence of a professional makeup artist. Choose any one of my seven ONE-ON-ONE VIRTUAL PACKAGES and you will walk away from the experience feeling and looking flawless!