Kissable, Show-off Lips! Best Lip Treatment Ever — Irresistible, Sexy and Kissable

Kissable, Show-off Lips! Best Lip Treatment Ever — Irresistible, Sexy and Kissable

It’s no surprise that one of the first things people notice about you is your smile. Boost your confidence with gorgeous, kissable lips!

Lip Treatment

So much more goes into lip care than just hydration. Many beauty gurus start and stop at investing in a good lip balm. A rookie mistake! In order to make sure your lips are looking luscious, fresh, and kissable, you’ll want to invest in some serious lip care products. One of my all-time faves is of my own creation — the RE-CREATION LIP TREATMENT. This clean and natural multi-peptide will not only smoothe your lips, but also repair. 

Great for aging lips, this treatment will:

  • Diminish and eliminate fine lines around the mouth
  • Add plumpness and volume 
  • Hydrate

Use my Re-Creation Lip Treatment both day and night to help prevent feathering lipsticks, hydrate, and help repair any damage. It acts as a great base for lipstick, gloss, lip stain, or lip liner. 

Pro Tip: Apply treatment 10 minutes before lip liner for ease of application. 

Kissable Lips

There are so many amazing regenerative active ingredients in my Re-Creation treatment that will work hard for your lips all day long, including:

  • Sea Buckthorn Oil
  • Sodium Hyaluronate
  • Ethylhexyl Palmitate

These three powerhouse ingredients, combined with the pseudoalteromonas ferment extract, work to smooth skin texture, rebuild the natural protective barrier around your lips, and improve plumpness lost to time. Since our lips do not contain oil glands, they tend to get chapped more frequently than we would like! Take care of your lips with a great treatment — one that can work as both a hydrating agent and a protective agent. 

Pucker Up

Another key product to include in your lip care arsenal is a good exfoliator. Exfoliation is as important to your lip care regimen as it is to your skincare regimen. Sloughing off dead, dry skin will make your lips softer and smoother — just right for the perfect first kiss. 

My SUPER RADIANCE EXFOLIATING FRESHENER works not only for the face, but also the lips! A gentle chemical exfoliant, this product won’t leave your lips feeling tingly or raw. With such soothing ingredients as Sea Whip and Chinese Licorice, you’re sure to leave your lips looking soft and plump!

Adding my RE-CREATION SKIN FIRMING SERUM into the rotation will not only go a long way for your face, but also your lips. Full of firming peptides, this serum will do wonders as a lip balm. Using on and around your lips both during the day and at night will soothe those pesky whistle lines, maximize volume, and firm your lips as well. 

Every one of us deserves soft, kissable show-off lips! Take care of your pout with a powerful lip care routine today — you won’t regret it .