How to Apply Eye Makeup with Glasses to Look Your Best

How to Apply Eye Makeup with Glasses to Look Your Best

The eyes are the windows to the soul. Never has that been more true than today! In the age of wearing masks, our eyes are the focus. So now is the perfect time to perk up your eye makeup application routine. 

Eye Makeup with Glasses

Where glasses were once seen as cumbersome necessities, they are now one of this season’s hottest accessories! With our world continuing to move more toward the virtual, blue light glasses are a must have. 

Making your eyes pop behind a trendy pair of specs is easier than it may seem. Glasses naturally draw attention to your eyes, so you want to make sure you’ve got an easy and chic go-to look for those days you don’t feel like contacts or want to wear your newest pair of glasses to complete your outfit. 

The Must-Haves for Glasses and Makeup

Wearing makeup with glasses doesn’t have to be an intimidating thing! With just a few simple tricks, you can make those peepers pop no matter your prescription. 

  • Neutral and Natural
    Because glasses naturally draw attention to the eye, a more natural and defined look is best. While glitter and glitz is definitely fun, go for softer, more earthy tones when wearing specs. Brighter colors can enhance darker undertones around the eye, so it’s best to save neons and brights for a day you decide to pop in some contact lenses!
  • Define the Lash Line
    So your eyes don’t get lost behind the shape of your glasses, make sure to define the lash line with a dark black or brown liner. This will make your eyes pop and keep them from getting lost behind frames. 
  • Don’t Forget the Brows
    If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the brows are the frame. The eyebrows are one of the most important features of the face and can draw a lot of attention.

    The Mona Lisa without a frame wouldn’t be the Mona Lisa, so frame your face with your brows! 

Find the Balance

When wearing makeup with glasses, there is a definite balance between too much and too little. Just like with all makeup, you’ll find what’s best for you and your aesthetic through trial and error! Every face is different. 

Because frames can often create a shadow under the eye, make sure to keep the rest of your face simple. Too much coverage can feel overwhelming and over-the-top with the addition of a fun and funky pair of specs. 

My DAY TO NIGHT VIRTUAL ONE-ON-ONE is a great way to learn how to do your eye makeup with or without glasses. Together we can create a look that will have you feeling as confident and gorgeous as you actually are!

Really, I am here to make sure you feel and look your absolute best. So whether you’re into heavy liner and false lashes or more natural shades with just a touch of mascara, I can help you find the look that fits you best, even when wearing glasses!