Green Eyes — how to make them POP!

Green Eyes — how to make them POP!

It’s no secret — when it comes to makeup, the eyes have it! From mascara to liners to the perfect shadow, the eyes are often the focal point of any look. Learn my best green eyes makeup tips, plus which products to use to really make them pop! 

Best Makeup for Green Eyes

The cardinal rule of every closet is coordination — the same can be said for makeup. You not only want to choose products that will compliment your outfit, but also your natural beauty. Choosing colors and textures that best compliment your natural coloring is a cornerstone of the beauty industry. 

When it comes to eye color, there are a few makeup do’s and don’ts to keep in mind. Painters aren’t the only artists to utilize the color wheel — makeup artists do too! When buying an eyeshadow palette or designing a look for a fun night on the town, you want to make sure that you’re choosing colors and shades that compliment both your complexion and your eye color. 

Fewer than 2% of people in the world boast green eyes. So if you’re one of the lucky few with green eyes, play it up! Opt for rich, warm tones that will really make those peepers pop! Think autumn when you’re applying products — vibrant reds, metallic golds, and sunset oranges are going to be your best bet. Throw in some peachy shades for summer, and you’re set to stand out all year round!

Green Eyes Makeup — Best Tips and Tricks

On the color wheel, red is directly across from green. Don’t go thinking every look has to be Christmassy, however! Makeup is all about the undertones, especially when it comes to eyeshadow. Opting for shades that have warmer, reddish undertones will really make your green eyes sparkle. 

For a smokey eye look, maroon and brown shadows will work really well. My collection of SILKY SMOOTH SHADOWS contain shades for every eye color, including green. Mix shades PINCHED PENNY, DAY DREAM, and FIRE FALL to build a look that will have those green eyes popping. 

PRO TIP: Cool Greens vs. Warm

Not every green eye is the same. Some green eyes run more cool, with more blueish-silver undertones, while others run more warm with gold or yellow flecks amidst the green. 

If you have warm green eyes, gold shimmers will bring out the gold in your eyes. If you have cooler green eyes, opting for a silver shadow or liner will really draw on those bluish shades.  

Best Makeup Products for Green Eyes

Instead of lining your eyes with black or brown, try stepping outside the box with a purple or maroon liner! 

One of the best kept secrets of the beauty industry is using eyeshadow with a little bit of water  as an eyeliner. Oftentimes we go for pencils, but by dipping a lightly sprayed angled brush into an eyeshadow, you’ve essentially created a custom liner! Try this technique with a mixture of these two eyeshadows BARK and PINCHED PENNY.

Green eyes will really stand out when you use purple eyeliner. If you’re more traditional, lining your waterline with my EYELINER WATERLINE in the shade Nude will really make your green eyes standout. Lining the waterline with black or brown can make your eyes appear smaller. If you’re feeling really wild, instead of nude, go for a light lilac shade to line the waterline — it will give your eyes the same effect with just a little more pizzazz!

Play up your natural beauty by choosing colors that work for you, not against you! Bring your green eyes to life by following these few simple makeup tricks! Green eyes makeup doesn’t have to be intimidating — with a few well-placed colors, you’ll take your eyes from dim to dazzling!