Gorgeous Lipstick Colors For Fall

Gorgeous Lipstick Colors For Fall

by brian lipstick peony lip tint deep plum sheer balmy lipstick

Spring and summer trends into autumn with the ever fresh and luminous dewy no-makeup-makeup look. Lips transition from fresh pops of color to altered and deep, sultry, edgy and 'weird lip trend'! Fashion leads forward with funky updated lip shades reminiscent of the 80's and 90's, plus current geometrical and ombre lined lips. Get comfortable with a bold lip as we hang on to the last few days of summer. A hot trend I'm loving is "Latte Makeup" which is brown on brown on brown! This is a trend welcomed back from the iconic Supermodel days. The seasons change giving looks of updated glam!

2023’s Fall Lipstick Colors

Go ahead and be adventurous this fall with your lips, eyes and skin. Change up your wardrobe and add warmth to complete your look. So, start with your lips! Continue into the cozy season of fall by updating your summer shades with more saturated shades! Classic fall colors trending of the tasty "Latte Look" are varying versions of a cinnamon toned lip this fall. Cinnamon shows up as light to rich, peach orange and in contrast, neutral to cool cinnamon mauve. An easy transition from a sheer summer lip color whether it's a lipsticks or lip glosses is to add a brown toned lip liner to the saturate and complete your lip. Then finish the lip with your beloved lipstick or gloss. My personal combos for lip liners and lipstick and/or lip glosses are below. 

I'm all about pushing limits when changing up lips and eyes. Fall 2023 is all about getting out of your comfort zone and welcoming back updated and current shades which have been shelved. I continue to love a satin to gloss texture on the lips. Full hydration and full color. My LIPSTICKS are infused with Vitamin E and castor oil to ensure that your lips are hydrated and protected throughout your day without the sacrifice of coverage and color. 

My warm and cool neutrals are perfect now! And a classic red will continue into the cozy days of fall. 

Best Fall Lipstick Colors

Transitioning your lips from summer to fall isn’t as difficult as you might think. There’s even room in your routine for those glossy finishes that were all the rage during the sunny months! Read on to see how your summer shades can slide into autumn. Before we get into the shades for fall I want to share about our lips and how they are affected by the shade of seasons. The dryness, heat, and morer dryness from fall time dehydrates our lips and leaves them unkissable and a challenging shift away from the cracking, dryness and roughness. 

RE-CREATION LIP TREATMENT has everything you want to keep your sweet lips sweeter. Check out more about this marvelous treatment. Used easily at least 4 times throughout the day regenerates the delicate skin of of of our very important assets! Go check it out and read the review!

Wanting to hold on to summer a bit longer, no problem. Add a waterproof lip liner under your balmy lipstick. This is an easy transition.  Make it quick or as gradually as the season changes. Choose a slightly warmer shade than your summer staple that still compliments your best colors. My favorite lipsticks right now are DULCE AMORE, CANELA,  EMAVEEPEE, SANGRITA, SYRUPY and from my new loved Lip Tints PEONY BALM, CHERRY BALM AND APRICOT BALM. will get the job done. All lipsticks give you supple and soft creamy lips as do the Lip Tints. All perfect tones this fall to pair perfectly with your busy schedules and mellow weekends! Lip liners which can alter the tone of the lipstick has always been a favorite technique of mine.

by brian luxury creme lipstick luntana dulce amor sangrita syrupy fall 2023 lipstickThis fall add a brown toned lip liner with any of the lipstick mentioned above colors to transition into fall. Here are a couple of my favorite brown toned combos: Kalamata Lip Liner and Dulce Amore Lipstick,  Kalamata Lip Liner and Canela Lipstick, S'more Lip Liner under Cherry Balm or Peony Balm and a fun brighter combo of Yours Truly Lip Liner and Peony Lip Liner or Apricot Balm.

Moodier Fall Lip Colors

If you’re looking for fall lip colors that scream more femme fatale than girl next door, look no further than such seasonal staples as burgundy, reds, and — if you’re feeling extra daring — straight up black. 

For the perfect autumnal look, you’ll want to go for something like my lipstick shade in FALL CRUSH. Great for sensitive and dry lips, its creamy matte finish will hydrate all day without sacrificing pigment, no matter how many pumpkin spice lattes you sip!

Beautiful black woman with short cropped hair L'opera Lipstick on her lips and Mossy Sensation and Inky eye shadows with pitchblack eye linerYou simply can’t go wrong with a classic red — especially if you pair it with a darker liner. I know, I know… but stick with me. A darker liner in a mauve or plum shade will make the transition to red darker, sexier, and more dynamic. Try pairing my liner in shade S’MORE with my lipstick in shade L’OPERA. Neutral Light Pink Cinnamon Tone lip pencil lip liner

If you’re feeling extra bold and brave, you can line your lips with your favorite creamy black eyeliner pencil. Using a fluffy eyeshadow brush, you can seamlessly blend the black and red together for a sultry, show-stopping lipstick shade. 

Going for a full-on black lip is not for the faint of heart. I recommend prepping the lips beforehand with special care, using my specially formulated RE-CREATION LIP TREATMENT. Because fully pigmented blacks can be extra drying, you’ll want to be sure to take extra good care of your lips for all-day wear. 

You’re sure to fall head over heels for these gorgeous autumnal lip looks! Fall lip colors can be bold, bright, and brash or they can be warm, soft, and neutral. Pumpkin isn’t the only thing getting spiced up this season!