From Day to Glam in Color

From Day to Glam in Color

Whether you're a clean makeup girlie or a full coverage queen, we all want our makeup to last all day and party all night! There isn't always time to beat a full face when you're on the go! Investing in the right skincare, makeup, as well as tried and true application tricks will go a long way in ensuring that you're just as gorgeous at 8 PM as you were at 8 AM.

So, where do you start?

Color Theory

The best place to start is with color theory. At By Brian, we know that choosing the right colors and tones will go a long way in making you look and feel beautiful. It's no secret that color consultations are sweeping the beauty industry by storm. May influencers are even booking appointments with expensive color consultants halfway across the globe. 

four red lipsticks

Well, you don't have to travel thousands of miles to meet one-on-one with a color consultant. Susan Blakey, blogger, stylist, and color consult extraordinaire, is on speed dial here at By Brian. Between the two of us, we can make sure that your makeup bag will have everything you need in order to dazzle and delight all day long. 

Color Outside the Lines

So, how do color theory and makeup go together? Why, hand-in-hand, of course. Any beauty expert knows the power of complimentary colors--especially when it comes to individual skin tones. What looks great on deep, ebony skin won't look the same on a porcelain white complexion and visa versa. 

With Brian and Susan's help, you can choose products that will enhance and highlight your naturally beautiful complexion and features. Here's what you'll do:

  1. Book an APPOINTMENT with Susan, the color consultant expert! You will discover what colors make you look fresh and vibrant, as well as which colors might make you look dull or washed out. 
  2. Schedule a ONE-ON-ONE MASTER WORKSHOP with Brian to stock your makeup bag with the perfect products tailored specifically to you. 

Two simple steps, that's all it takes to look and feel stunning!

Day to Night in 5 Minutestwo images on left before and on right after makeup orange sweater and gold jacket

Once you, Brian, and Susan have worked out which colors best compliment you, it's time to finetune a five minute face! Taking your makeup doesn't have to intimidating or over-the-top. With these tips and tricks, you'll be able to go from end-of-day drab to night-on-the-town fab whether you're getting ready in a bathroom or bus stop!

Step 1: Invest in a hydrating face mist. There's nothing better to refresh cracking foundation or creasing concealer. By Brian's INSTANT VISIBLY MOIST FRESHENER will more than do the trick. A spritz of this and you'll add some glow back into your skin. 

Step 2: Cream blush is a must! Our makeup shifts throughout the day, so investing in a cream blush that will compliment the undertones in your skin is a must. Using your fingers, you can revitalize any lost pigment quickly and easily! Our CHEEKY GLOW CREME BLUSH BLOOMING-DHALIA DUO comes in two shades--rosy pink and sheer peach.

pink and peach cream blush duo

You can fix and match or use just one. The formula is both buildable and blendable, perfect for a day-to-night reset. 

Step 3: Keeping an eyeliner pencil on hand will go a long way in taking your look from daytime casual to nighttime sultry. Whether you're tight-lining your top lash line or smoking out a thick wing, an eyeliner pencil is the crowning jewel in any day to night look. You can immediately elevate your look to evening with a dash of black or brown eyeliner. By Brian's EYELINER in Pitch Black is waterproof, with a creamy long-wear finish. 

Step 4: Finish strong with a strong lip! Most likely you're not typing away at a computer all day with a bold lip. Instead, you're probably reapplying balm or gloss. Reach for a red when taking your look from day to night! Nothing elevate a daytime look quite like a red lip. Susan can help you find the best red for you--are a ruby red, a brick red, or an orange red?

By Brian offers several different shades of red LIPSTICK including L'OPERA, a brilliant claret red and MADAME "B" a bright springy orange-red what Susan is wearing on her lips in the "glammed-up" look and she wearing HYPER GLOSS in KISS ME finishing her lips in the her glasses look.

Client Say it All

One-on-One Consultation

"Brian’s thoughtful ability to show me how to do my eyes has given me confidence in applying my makeup daily.  His experience and talent is priceless and amazing."  ~Laura Niemi, Actress -- This Is Us, Bones, Castle, Weeds, Law & Order: LA, 90210

Creamy Beautiful True Red

"I love this lipstick. It is creamy and stays put! I highly recommend it!" ~Lisa


Easy & Safe

Other eyeliners either didn't last, or flaked-off and were irritating. This creamy pencil is perfect: Brian shared how to apply it as a "tight liner" on my waterline, and it immediately enhanced my eyes and my expression! Goes on smoothly and stays in place. I'm very pleased to have found a product that actually performs as described! ~KB