monochromatic tan eye with fire fall Brilliant Silky Peach Shimmer latte Medium warm brown max defining mascara in black cream on the top shadow Very Light Silky Golden Shimmer in the corner for brightness

Eye See What You Did There

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While we do love a bold and beautiful eye look complete with glittery shadows, thick liners, and glamorous eyelashes, it can all seem a bit much during the daytime hours. Plus, a heavy face of makeup is unlikely to look fresh and blended all day.

Using the eyes to elevate your makeup look is an easy and quick way to go from day to night--if you have the right base and the right products. 

Because makeup is so versatile, transforming your look from soft and subtle suitable for a 9 to 5 to show-stopping and sexy for happy hour isn't all that difficult. The eyes are a simple and easy way to make it look like you're wearing a freshly applied face of makeup. All you need is :

  • A blending brush
  • One glittery and one neutral eyeshadow
  • Mascara
  • Eyeliner pencil
  • Eyebrow pencil

Five products is all you need to elevate daytime makeup to evening elegance. 

Eye Bet You Didn't Know...

Here's how you'll use five products to help you master the day-to-night look:

Step 1: Refresh & Revamp 

Start your day with a neutral eye. Before applying any shadow, use my RE-CREATION ILLUMINATE & CONTOUR EYE TREATMENT which doubles as an eye primer to give your shadow something to stick to in order to prevent creasing.

By choosing a neutral shadow you're not only giving your eye subtle definition throughout the day, you're also giving yourself a good color base to work with. Using a fluffy blending brush--my CREASE BLEND shadow brush will more than do the trick--reapply a little of your neutral shade at the end of the day before slipping out of the office for happy hour margaritas.

silky smooth eye shadows in flamingo pink gold latte a camel tone chorus girl a satin Violet Plum almost naked Soft Nude Silky Beige Matte silvery shimmery blue-grey smooth operator a light tan matteConcentrate your reapplication in the outer corner. My BY BRIAN SILKY SMOOTH SHADOW collection offers several beautiful and blend-able eye shadows in a wide variety of colors. Any shade will glide on like silk while delivering the maximum payoff of rich, beautiful, long-lasting color. 

Brian Pro Tip: Of my neutral shadows shades, shadow's Smooth Operator and Whisper are two of my most versatile. WHISPER is a grayish blue undertone, and SMOOTH OPERATOR is a light neutral tan these silky matte shades are highly pigmented and extremely buildable. Plus, they are staples of the ever-popular 90s monochromatic look that so many IT girls are boasting these days. 

Eye shadows, eye shadow brushes, and mascara lined up on teal table

Easy Day-to-Night

Step 2: Shimmer, Shimmer Cocoa Pop...

Using your pinky, highlight your inner corner with a bright shimmery eyeshadow shade. Don't be afraid to go bold with your shimmer--MOSSY SENSATION, GOLD DRIP, and MOLTEN CINNAMON are all beautiful shimmers that will do the legwork in taking your eye look from day-to-night. Layer on that shimmer for a little bit of evening va va voom!

By Brian Pro Tip: Using a little bit of setting spray, spray a flat brush before dipping into the shimmer shadow. The setting spray will magnify the shimmer in the pigment, making it more noticeable. 

Step 3: Black Out

There's no denying that the eyeliner-mascara duo is the real MVP of taking your makeup look from day-to-night. Whether you're going for a smoked out wing or simply lining your upper lash line, an eyeliner pencil is a simple and quick way to glamorize your look. My EYE LINERS in Pitch Black and Brownstone are both blend-able and long wearing. Plus, they both come with a built in smudging applicator brush!

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Dramatic eyes were built on the backs of eyeliner pencils. For a darker, more sultry look, line your waterline as well as your bottom lash line.  

Step 4: Mascara

Adding an extra layer--or two--of mascara to your bottom and top lashes will easily elevate your eye look. Multiple layers is the key to lengthening your eyelashes. For an interesting pop of color, go for my MAX-DEFINING LASH MASCARA in Navy to amp up your eyes. Great for blue eyes!

Step 5: Brow Down, Baby

It's so easy to forget eyebrows when doing day to day makeup. Eyebrows are so expressive and automatically draw attention to the eyes. Filling them in just a smidge will give your overall face definition. A polished makeup look includes well defined brows. 

man teaching woman how to apply makeup in person

If the whole process of taking your makeup look from day-to-night seems daunting, I'm here to help! Book a ONE-ON-ONE with me to learn insider tips and tricks that will give you the confidence and skill to expertly execute any makeup look.