Eye Liner For Beginners: Ultimate Guide

Eye Liner For Beginners: Ultimate Guide

From bold strokes to subtle smudges, eyeliner is one of the most versatile tools in the world of makeup. No matter your style or skill level, there’s an option out there for you! Learn a few secrets to applying eyeliner for beginners and experts alike.

Eye Liner for Beginners

When it comes to mastering any eyeliner look, the road can often be paved with smudges, squiggles, and streaking. Never fear, however! Any mistake can be fixed, any smudge turned into something striking. That’s the beauty of eyeliner — you can do so much with it! 

With a flick of the wrist, I can teach how to achieve any eyeliner look you want, from geometrical and precise to soft and angelic. Here are a few game-changing tips to follow when it comes to the perfect eyeliner look:

1. Smooth & Glidable

If you’re new to the world of eyeliner or stepping outside your box to try a different style, using a smooth and glidable pencil is key!  Pencils that are stiff and stark don’t blend well and will highlight even the slightest mistake. A smooth pencil glides on easily and doesn’t tug at the skin.

My EYE LINER PENCILS come in 3 different shades and include a smudging applicator on the end, allowing you to easily blend along both your top and bottom lashes. Blending is going to be your best friend, so you want to make sure your pencil is smooth and glidable!

2. Layer Two Different Liners

You read that right. If you’re just starting to work with liners and really want to perfect that flawless liquid liner cat eye, start first by sketching out your shape with a pencil. Once you’ve gotten the liner look you want, go back over it with any liquid eyeliner. 

This allows you to fix any mistakes beforehand with the pencil that you won’t be able to fix later with a liquid liner. A q-tip dipped in a little bit of makeup remover will help clean up any uneven edges. 

How to Apply Eyeliner

3. Don’t Tug the Lid

This rule-of-thumb is easily overlooked. There are tutorials aplenty where makeup gurus are tugging and pulling on the eyelid to better draw and place their eyeliner. This practice is not only detrimental to the delicate skin around your eye, but also creates a shape that doesn’t actually complement the eye. 

Instead, you want to apply your eyeliner to a relaxed eye. This is going to ensure you have the most seamless application that looks natural and goes with the flow of your actual eye shape. My SUPER LONGWEAR GEL LINER is great for that second layer and is also great for delicate eyelids. Long lasting and creamy, it’s ideal for the perfect cat eye, baby wing, or dash of definition. 

Pro Tip: If you’re worried about any shaking hands, balance your elbow on the counter or against a wall to create some stability when applying the product. 

Eyeliner Tips & Tricks

4. Tightline & Waterline

Tightlining your lashes is one of the best ways to subtly make your eyes pop. Simply place one finger on the center of your eyelid and gently lift. Take a darker eyeliner and trace a line on the area of skin below your lashes. Smudge it out to make your lashes look thicker and darker. One swipe of mascara and voila! Your eyes will pop. 

Lining the waterline is one of the final steps in making your eyes look big, bold, and beautiful. Using a white or NUDE eyeliner on the inner waterline along your lower lashes will instantly brighten the eye and make it look like you’ve slept a full eight hours.

Many makeup artists stay away from stark white pencils, opting instead for flesh colored shades. Stark white can be too attention grabbing and have a distinctly 60s vibe that may not always compliment the look you’re going for. 

No matter your skill level, there’s an eyeliner look for you. Don’t be afraid to play around with shapes and techniques — that’s half the fun! This simple cosmetic is one of the most versatile tools in any vanity, and learning how to apply eyeliner will help you achieve the look you’re after.