Dewy vs. Matte Makeup Finish

Dewy vs. Matte Makeup Finish

If you’re an avid foundation wearer, you know that it all comes down to texture, color, and, of course, finish. The finish of your foundation is one of the most important aspects of all over coverage, so it’s good to know whether you prefer dewy or matte! 

Do We Love Dewy?

A dewy finish to your foundation will lend a bit of a sheen to your skin, giving it that natural lit-from-within glow. Dewy finishes will make your complexion look hydrated, healthy, and luminous. There’s no doubt about it, the summer season is all about fresh, youthful-looking skin. There are several pros to coverage with a dewy finish: 

  • Hydration 

Many dewy foundations or primers will have ingredients that help your skin both look and feel hydrated. You won’t get any dry patches of cracking coverage with a dewy finish. 

  • Let There Be Light

A dewy finish will reflect the light instead of absorbing it, giving your skin a beautiful, glowing sheen. 

  • Not Just for the Face

Dewy coverage is unique in that it can extend beyond just the face. Because it is lighter and more hydrating, a dewy finish foundation will blend much easier into the neck and even chest. It can double as body makeup! If you’re concerned about color and coverage continuity, you can easily extend your product all over.  

My LIQUID MINERAL TINT is excellent for a radiant, glowing finish. With SPF 20, you’ll not only look fresh-faced and healthy, your complexion will be fresh-faced and healthy. Sun protection is the best way to make sure your skin is well taken care of. 

Matte Makeup Matters

A matte makeup finish is going to be much heavier and offer much more coverage than a dewy finish. Skin won’t look as natural, and definitely won’t have any additional shine. Matte foundations come in many different formulas including, creme, liquid, and powder. If you’re looking for full and complete coverage, a matte finish is definitely for you. Here are a few pros to foundation with a matte finish: 

  • Super Full Coverage
  • Matte finishes are perfect if you’re looking to cover up hyperpigmentation, acne, or any other discoloration in the skin. You won’t need to layer on product after product when you use a foundation with matte coverage. It works really well all on its own!

  • Long Lasting
  • A foundation with a matte finish is definitely going to last longer than a foundation with a dewy finish. You won’t have to reapply throughout the day like you would with a more lightweight foundation. 

  • No Shine
  • Many makeup-wearers aren’t into the shiny, dewy look. Some people think that foundations with a dewy finish can make them look oily or sweaty. A matte finish will definitely eliminate any unnecessary shine, giving you an even all over complexion. 

    With 16 buildable shades, my SKIN STICK FOUNDATION will give you that full coverage without looking shiny or slick. Finish with a dab of my MINERAL FOUNDATION and you’re sure to have makeup that lasts all day and won’t need to be touched up. 

    Dewy vs. Matte - which one works for you?

    If you're someone whose skin leans more oily, a dewy finish might enhance that oiliness, giving your skin a slick, shiny appearance. Since many dewy finishes include oil as a number one ingredient, you may want to go for a matte finish. Not all matte foundations are full coverage, so if you’re looking for a more natural finish minus the shine, going matte will work best for you!

    Products with a dewy finish are more universal, and can be applied with your fingers, a sponge or a brush. If you’re always on the go and would like to simplify your makeup routine, a dewy finish is going to provide a hint of coverage without overwhelming your face. 

    There’s no right or wrong way to wear foundation — it’s all about finding the perfect finish for your skin! Anyone can wear a dewy or matte makeup finish. The key is to both feel good and look good — no matter what!