Creating a Great Young Adult Skin Care Routine

Creating a Great Young Adult Skin Care Routine

Taking care of our skin is essential at any age. Surprisingly, the process of our skin aging begins in our late teens and early twenties. Create a skin care routine for your teenager now to ensure healthy, glowing skin for life. 

Best Routines for Young Adults

Choosing the right products and creating the best regimens for young adults is similar to doing so at any age. However, there are extra considerations for young adults; such as prolific oil production and acne.


Removing dirt and oil is just as important and maybe even more so for teenagers. Cleaning off extra oils, makeup, and daily grime is essential. A great cleanser that will take care of this is Brian + MW’s HYDRATING GEL CLEANSER. This cleanser works well on combination skin. It cleans deep into the pores, rinses completely and leaves the skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated 


Although oils tend to be prolific during adolescence, moisturizing is necessary to help balance oil production. A quality moisturizer is also essential if acne is a problem, as the protection provided by moisturizers helps process the chemicals present in powerful acne treatments. Dermatologists recommend an oil-free moisturizer with ceramide and niacinamide for repair and strengthening.

Brian + MW’s OIL-FREE DAILY HYDRATING LOTION is the perfect solution. Recommended for oily as well as normal skin. It helps the skin hold moisture, hydrating without oils. It’s lightweight so won’t clog pores. It protects and refines and its fragrance, color, alcohol and paraben free and dermatologist tested.

For dryer to normal to sensitive skin, use Brian + MW’s RE-CREATION CALM + PROTECT MOISTURE FLUID for featherlight, soothing protection. A bio-lipid barrier is created utilizing sea & plant extracts. Also free of fragrances, color, alcohol and parabens as well as dermatologist tested.


Removing dead skin cells is important, regardless of whether extra oils or acne are present. Exfoliation should be done gently for young adults and about once or twice a week. 

Exfoliating too vigorously or more than once or twice a week may stress the skin or dry out the face. Also, it won’t help with acne. It may even lead to extra oil production. Young adults should exfoliate gently and appropriately to maintain the ideal balance.

Brian + MW’s SUPER RADIANCE EXFOLIATING FRESHENER is safe for all skin types. This exfoliator minimizes pores and other visible imperfections, improves skin pigmentation, and helps create smoother skin texture. It’s also free of; dairy, soy, GMO's, gluten and other toxins. It’s vegan and hasn’t been tested on animals.


Crucial at any age, sunscreen helps prevent skin cancer and early signs of aging. For the best UV protection, choose an SPF of 30 or more. Brian + MW’s  SUPER RADIANCE SKIN PROTECTION SPF50 is a quality sunscreen that will help protect, calm, and repair skin.

Sunscreen may also be found in many other products these days, which is very encouraging. Brian + MW’s LIQUID MINERAL TINT is a 100% mineral foundation containing both Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide, which are integral ingredients for any product providing sun protection and powerfully supports clear, glowing skin. Pay attention to the SPF value in your products. It may not be enough for every day, especially when out in the sun for prolonged periods of time, year around. Continue to protect your skin with a high value sunscreen.

Handling Acne

The most common skincare woes for adolescents is acne. Thankfully, there are effective and safe treatment options available to help. Cleansers with powerful acne-fighting agents (like salicylic acid) can be beneficial. However, salicylic acid may be too harsh for some skin types. In that case, use a gentler cleanser instead and spot-treat blemishes with targeted acne treatment products.

Brian + MW’s PURIFYING CLEANSER is the perfect solution to acne-prone skin as well as oily skin and sufferers with rosacea. This cleanser purifies pores, removes surface oils without dehydrating the face and cleans better than soap. The best part is that the activating ingredients are all natural; tea tree oil, yucca root extract and willow bark. 

  • Prescription treatments - With any new treatment, it’s wise to start slowly to allow the skin to adjust. Applying too much too quickly can make matters worse.

  • OTC Retinols - Although this can be bought without a prescription, easing into the treatment is still the best approach to avoid irritation. Retinols can work well for mild acne as well as reduce redness and extra oil production.

  • Benzoyl peroxide - This is added to a variety of products to kill the bacteria that cause acne, but has the potential to dry out the face. Apply moisturizer first to prevent dryness.

  • For stressed-out skin and/or acne, use B+MW’s INSTANT SOOTHING MIST. This mist will provide quick relief from irritated, blotchy, environmentally & UV-exposed, sunburnt skin. This is due to the very special ingredient of Kola, Matte and Guarana; laboratory tested plant extracts. This mist is free of solvent alcohol, synthetic fragrance or parabens.

Popping Pimples

Experts agree, trying to remove blackheads and blemishes by popping them isn’t a good idea. This can cause scarring or further irritation. Instead, use a pimple patch or salicylic acid to help drain pimples and promote faster healing.

Importance of Starting Early

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and is our first defense against harmful agents; germs, chemicals, and UV rays. Establishing a skin care routine early on as a teenager is a great first step towards beautiful, glowing skin for a lifetime.