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Customers Rave: "Wonderful Idea!"

"Having a 10 minute virtual consult with Brian before scheduling my 1:1 with him was wonderful. He asked me great questions about my current makeup and skincare routine and made great suggestions. Then he sent a list of the skincare and makeup items he suggested, which I also agreed upon. Then I was able to purchase these items from the list he sent over. A very simplified approach. I received my box of goodies and am waiting for my one on one with him. Thanks Brian! A class act!"

- Sharon

There's no doubt about it, the internet is inundated with step-by-step how-tos when it comes to pulling off the perfect look. Why not opt for something with a more personal touch? After all, no two faces are alike! Book a COMPLIMENTARY ONE-ON-ONE with master artist Brian for a tailored experience. A tried and true Hollywood makeup mogul, Brian is sure to set you up for long-lasting success. 

In-Person Expertise

No matter where you are in the world, Brian can help you curate the perfect skincare regimen, or even assist in perfecting a flawless fox eye! Trends may come and go, but By Brian is forever. With his industry expertise, you are guaranteed to walk away from a virtual one-on-one with a renewed sense of purpose when it comes to makeup. 

This free 30 minute consultation will touch on any concerns you may have from dry skin to separating foundation to clumping eyelashes. No matter the question, Brian will have an answer! Come ready to discuss any and every skincare or makeup concern. 

What to Bring

All you need is a can-do attitude and a plethora of questions! Whether you're struggling with separating makeup due to oily skin or lipliner that just won't stop feathering, Brian will have a plethora of tips and tricks to offer, as well as a myriad of products to help you achieve maximum comfort and beauty in your day-to-day life. 

FYI, when it comes to oily skin, oftentimes we aren't hydrating enough. By Brian's RE-CREATION OIL-FREE HYDRATING LOTION will protect and hydrate for 24 hours. Use at night to guarantee eight rejuvenating hours of unclogged pores. 

For feathering lip liner, Brian's RE-CREATION LIP TREATMENT is a long-term solve for a right-now sort of problem. This lip restorer visible reduces fine lines while soothing lips immediately. No more smudgy liner for those kissable lip looks. 

Practically speaking, you will need:

  • Great natural light
  • A ring light if you have one
  • A list of questions/concerns
  • Your go-to makeup and skincare for Brian to peruse

What to Expect

When booking a free one-on-one consultation with pro makeup artist Brian, you can expect:

  • 30 minutes of undivided attention
  • uninterrupted one-on-one advice from a renowned Hollywood makeup artist
  • specifically curated skincare and makeup regimens suited to your particular needs and requests
  • a list of suggested products to help you feel and look beautiful 

Beauty in the Age of Internet

No matter where you are, Brian can and will provide knowledgeable and tailored feedback. From your car to your living room, beauty is an on-the-go experience. By Brian can meet you exactly where you're at. Such is the beauty of living in the internet age! 


 What Clients Are Saying

Why just trust our word for it at By Brian? Our clients say it all! The Complimentary Virtual One-On-One with Brian is one of our most revered and well reviewed services. People all over the world have booked with Brian, walking away feeling more knowledgeable, more prepared, and more beautiful than ever! We all deserve to feel like the 10s we are.

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"It was the perfect amount of time to get to know Brian. Now we have scheduled a 40 minute Virtual Class. And when I'm in LA I'll attend his in person Master Workshop! He's a gem of information. I and I'm excited to learn more, Thank you to Susan of for sharing Brian with her readers. I feel so lucky!" - Betsy

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Helpful Free Skincare & Makeup Consultation

"I learned makeup from my mom. However, I have always felt my makeup didn’t look good at all. I found By Brian on Yelp and in Google and I’m very happy with our consultation. After brief introductions, Brian immediately got into asking about my skincare and makeup routine. He quickly and thoroughly made recommendations which made me feel supported and able to achieve professional day to night makeup look(s). He recommended skincare and makeup for our one on one class which I scheduled on once I received the makeup I chose.
This 10 minutes was more like 20-30 minutes, he was vey generous with his time. I’m excited to get the makeup and schedule my one on one. I highly recommend Brian. He’s down to earth and very much an expert at what he does." - Loren