Best Makeup to Make Blue Eyes Pop

Best Makeup to Make Blue Eyes Pop

mechanical brow pencil in a warm natural taupe color with a spoolie brush

So much can be said without saying anything at all. Let your eyes do all the talking. If you’re a lucky blue eyed beauty, you definitely want to make sure you learn a few tricks with makeup to make your blue eyes pop!

Makeup to Make Blue Eyes Pop

Despite what some people may think, some colors are better suited for different eye colors. Now, I’m all for letting anyone and everyone explore different looks and play around with makeup. But if you’re looking to really make your blue eyes stand out in a crowd, there are a few simple tips and tricks you’ll want to tuck away for future reference. 

No matter how unique your shade of blue — ice blue, smoky blue, bluish-gray, or cornflower — there are a host of colors that will do more than just compliment your unique baby blues. For a literal eye-catching look, you’ll want to gravitate toward these color schemes and products:

  • Rich and creamy burgundy
  • I in Warm browns (perfect for fall, no?)
  • Bright, bright blue eyeliner
  • Slate-gray over black 

Use any of these shades in makeup to make your blue eyes pop. And the beauty of eyeshadow and liner is that a little can go a long way! 

Feelin’ Blue

Because burgundy and brown are so opposite of blue, using these colors in your everyday makeup routine will be a nice contrast and help make your eyes stand out even more than usual. One swipe of my SILKY SMOOTH SHADOW IN SHADE PINCHED PENNY is an easy and simple way to make your eyes the main focus of the face. Gently blend up into the crease for a soft yet smoky look. 

Use the same technique with the Brian M+W shadow in MOLTEN CINNAMON for the perfect fall look. The added metallic shimmer will pick up on the nuance of color in your peepers. 

Electric blue eyeliner didn’t fall out of fashion in the 80s. When expertly applied, blue eyeliner can be the perfect makeup tool to make your blue eyes pop. While it may seem a bit out of pocket and overly monochromatic, lining blue eyes with blue liner will allow the colors to play off of each other. To make your eyes look even bluer, add a bit of blue eyeliner to the upper lash line or lower quarter. 

Pro Tip: When shopping for the perfect blue, choose a color in a shade or two darker than your iris. The darker contrast within the same color palette will brighten up your eyes. 

How to Make Blue Eyes Pop

Learning how to make blue eyes pop isn’t as hard as some of the hot-shot Hollywood makeup artists make it out to be. Using my simple — yet expert — tips, you’ll be able to catch any eye anywhere with your electric peepers. 

Blue-eyed beauties would do well to opt for the softer slate-gray line over the heavy-handed straight up black. Black can often look too austere and too jarring alongside blue eyes. Gray will give you that definition without making your eyes look smaller. 

Pro Tip: Don’t line your entire bottom lash. Instead, line only the outer third of your lower lash line. Gently diffuse the color toward your inner corner to create a subtle yet sophisticated look. 

If gray isn’t your color, go for brown. Another trick of the trade is to line blue eyes’ water line with a nude liner instead of pure white. Pure white can also overpower, though in the opposite way from black. My NUDE eyeliner is both waterproof and smudge-proof, perfect for all-day wear. 

No matter your skill level, anyone can learn how to make their blue eyes pop! Whether you're just beginning or looking to freshen up your makeup routine, adding a few of these products into your beauty bag will complement what’s truly beautiful — you!