Best Makeup Tips For Eyes To Show Them Off

Best Makeup Tips For Eyes To Show Them Off

Our eyes have been doing double time in this season of masking up. Because half the face has been hidden, all the focus and attention has been given to the eyes. Now that we’re finally able to wear lipstick and blush, how can we continue the trend of making our eyes pop? 

Makeup Tips For Eyes

For the last 15 months, eyes have been the major player in the makeup game. Now that we’re able to unmask at certain times, our eyes don’t have to carry our entire makeup look. While we don’t want eyes and lips competing for attention on the face, we do still want the eyes to stand out. 

There are a few easy tricks to make your eyes pop:

1. Eyeliner is key. 

Whether you’re going for a neutral shade or a liquid black, the addition of liner will do wonders in making your eyes stand out. 

A neutral shade in the waterline will help reverse the appearance of tired eyes. 

A darker liner alone your upper lash line will immediately elevate your look from simple to sultry. If you’re worried about being able to make a straight line, smudging is key! The smudgier, the sexier. 

2. Mascara is a must. 

Mascara will help to elongate the lashes and give your eyes a finishing touch. Don’t be afraid to mix your mascaras! By mixing formulas, you can create a unique coating that will elongate, darken, and thicken your lashes.  

How to Show Off the Eyes

3. Don’t shy away from shadows. 

Eyeshadow is a great way to make sure your eyes don’t get lost in your face. It can add depth and dimension and compliment your natural eye color beautifully. I like to use a light shimmer for a sunkissed look or a darker matte satin shadow for something more polished. 

4. Finish with brows. 

The Mona Lisa wouldn’t be the Mona Lisa without the frame! The same can be said for eyebrows when it comes to a complete makeup look. Brows are an important finishing touch to the face. A strong brow is currently having its moment in the makeup world. Using a pencil, a powder, or a gel based brow mascara will elevate your eyebrows and frame your eyes nicely. 

Learn to Make the Eyes Pop

When figuring out how to make your eyes pop, my 40 minute consultations or even one of my 10 MINUTE FREEBIES is a great way to help you learn how to show off your eyes. 

I can teach you how to hold your brush, how to really bring your eyes out, how to blend your eyeliner, and which colors to put on your lids to flatter your eye shape and skin tone. Everyone’s eye shape is a little different, and I am an expert at showing you how to work with what you have. 

Now that your eyes don’t have to do all the work when it comes to your makeup, we can figure out easy and achievable ways to make them pop without overdoing it. By following these steps, you won’t be afraid to show off those pretty peepers!