Best Lip Care Routine— Winter and Masks

Best Lip Care Routine— Winter and Masks

Just because we’re still masking up doesn’t mean you should forgo any lip color or care! If anything, this is an opportunity to really take care of and showcase your kissers. 

Best Lip Care Routine for Winter

There’s simply no arguing with Mother Nature — winter means your skin is going to need a lot more TLC. Especially your lips. Drier climates mean your lips are more susceptible to cracking and chapping. Really juice up your lips to make sure you’re getting all the moisture you need!

With my RECREATION LIP TREATMENT, you can easily slough off dry and peeling skin. Chapped lips don’t go well with lipstick, and they certainly don’t feel great behind a mask. With dryness being so common in the winter, investing in a great refining scrub will be well worth your time and money! This treatment will rehydrate your lips, returning lips to a smooth and soft appearance. 

Put Dry Lips to Bed

Night time is one of the best times to work on making your lips smooth, soft, and kissable — so go to bed with loads of treatment on your lips! Since skin renews overnight more than during the day, you can work hard for your lips even while you’re sleeping. 

If your lips are really cracking and challenged, I recommend using lanolin. A somewhat controversial ingredient, lanolin truly is a miracle oil for extreme cases of dry and cracked lips. Zinc Oxide is another powerful protectant for chapped lips.  

Lipstick and Masks

Contrary to common assumption, lipstick isn’t automatically guaranteed to be wasted behind a mask! There are ways to apply lipstick so it won’t transfer to the inside of your mask. 

We all know when we look good, we feel good. Masking up doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice one of the best parts of any given makeup look — the lips. 

How to Wear Lipstick with a Mask:

  1. Be sure to properly hydrate your lips before applying lipstick, lip stain, or gloss. 
  2. Blot, blot, blot! Apply a thin layer of setting powder to your lips before and after applying lipstick to get great long-lasting and non-transferable color. 
  3. Use a waterproof lip liner to keep color from bleeding out. My collection of LIP LINERS are amazing! They don’t transfer, giving you beautiful color all throughout the day. 

My friend Susan, author of the popular blog “une femme d'un certain âge”, recently shared a story with me. When women in Italy are eating out, they will apply their lipstick the moment they remove their masks and reapply after the meal. 

So, get out there and wear your favorite shade of lipstick again! Here are a few of Susan’s favorite Luxury Creme lipsticks right now — all limited edition colors for this season:

  • Sangrita
  • First Squeeze
  • Gloriously 
  • Fall Crush
  • Lavish Oxide
  • Roma Night

  • If you’re feeling especially bold, learn the best lip care routine for wearing a red lip at any age from our recent live collaboration event.

    Don’t be afraid to get out and show off those lips! Schedule a one-on-one appointment with me for guidance on lip color and care. Here’s to a happy holiday season leading into a prosperous and safe 2022! xo