Transitioning Your Skin and Makeup From Summer to Fall

Transitioning Your Skin and Makeup From Summer to Fall

Currently, we’re still in summer but thinking of fall. We like holding on to our summer ways. Fall brings an opportunity for more saturated colors for our eyes, lips and cheeks but our skin's moisture can shift as the climate changes. 

Autumn Makeup Tips

As much as we love the soft pinks, peaches and shimmers of summer, fall means it’s time for bolder, warmer tones with a subtle shift to your makeup routine, you can effortlessly transition your makeup and skin from summer to fall. 

Tip #1: Color Correct

There’s no doubt some of us may have had a little too much fun in the sun this summer. If your skin is looking a little red from all those days spent poolside, you may want to invest in a color correcting primer or concealer. You can help neutralize the appearance of redness by softly blending a green primer or concealer before using a fuller coverage primer or foundation. Covering up redness is not always easy. Caring for your skin, use products that contain Kola, Matte and Guarana plant complexes to help reduce redness and discomfort from the sun and intensive skin treatments. Using products with aloe barbadensis leaf extract, is a great way to hydrate your skin from too much sun plus it calms redness and inflammation with it’s bioactive gel. There’s also a powerful and calming molecule from licorice that soothes redness. These combinations of extracts and molecules are found in my two products INSTANT SOOTHING MIST and RE-CREATION CALM & PROTECT MOISTURE FLUID  

Tip #2: Lashes Locked And Loaded

One beauty trend that will continue on into the autumn of 2021 is the “loaded” lash. Ultra-long lashes loaded with mascara are at the top of every beauty guru’s list. My MAX-DEFINING LASH MASCARA comes in three gorgeous shades: black, black-brown, and navy. Yes, you read that right, navy

Navy mascara is a great way to pull a little more color into your face without going for the neon flash of summer shades. My clients have discovered that my navy mascara is a great way to brighten their eyes. I’ve found my navy mascara is a great way to brighten my clients eyes, a great way to freshen your look this fall. 

Take Your Makeup From Summer to Autumn

Tip #3: The Return of the Bold Lip

One of the best parts of autumn are richer, more deeply-

hued lipsticks. Nothing screams sexy and sultry more like a rich red, plum, or burnt orange lip. This autumn, bold can also be bright, with berries and pinks making their debuts. 

The more natural look of summer now makes way for the more “dolled-up” autumn shades. 

My lipstick, NIT PRIMAVERA with its plum-violet-brown undertone, is the perfect way to make your lips pop when running seasonal errands, picking pumpkins or attending Thanksgiving festivities during cool autumn nights.  

Best Autumn Makeup Tips 

Tip #4: Line It Up!

Now, more than ever, intense black liner is in. From the little “flick-of-the-wrist” kitten liners to full on thick, bold, and beautiful graphic liners, you won’t want to skip out on this fun and funky autumn makeup trend. 

Add in the waterline, and you’re looking at a full on throwback to the 360º liner look! With my SUPER LONG WEAR GEL LINER, you’ll be able to craft the perfect liner look whether you’re into the soft and dainty “fox” eye or the “loud and proud” exaggeration of graphic liner. 

Tip #5: Glow Don’t Go

Traditionally, fall makeup leans more toward full coverage and matte. Not this year! The natural glow of dewy skin is in — and it’s not going anywhere. Don’t overdo your face with heavy foundation, heavy eyeliner or  a heavy lip. Having a lighter, more glossy foundation will help to offset your eyes and lips in a way that won’t be overwhelming. Continue to use my LIQUID MINERAL TINT or TINTED PRIMER to continue that fresh and dewy look this fall. 

Autumn makeup doesn’t mean you have to tone it down— in fact, turn up the volume! On your lips, lashes, and liner! The leaves aren’t the only things changing this season.