Beautiful Natural Lips For Summer

Beautiful Natural Lips For Summer

lip tints cherry, coral, apricot and rose sheer balmy lip tints in red, bright peach, light peach and soft pink

Pucker up from season to season with beautiful lips! You don’t have to poke and prod to get the perfect pucker. With natural looking lipstick or lip balm, you can achieve just about any trending lip look! 

Exfoliate Those Beautiful Natural Lips

You don’t have to resort to needles, plumpers, or filler to get kissable, luscious lips! That’s the true beauty of makeup — you can achieve so many different looks with just a few products. But before you start lining and layering, you’re going to want to prep your lips!

Giving your lip products a good base is key to any beautiful natural lip look. It’s no secret that lips can get cracked and dry as seasons change. Taking care of your lips is a must! 

Exfoliation is key. A fine sugar scrub is a great way to make sure you’re sloughing off any dead or dry skin. Oftentimes we neglect this step in our skincare routine and end up layering lipsticks and glosses on cracked and dry lips. Not a good look! A gentle exfoliator will go a long way in giving you a beautiful picture perfect pout. My MINT LIP SUGAR SCRUB will polish rough and dry skin while at the same time leaving behind a protective layer of castor oil. 

Hydration Station

Making sure your lips are hydrated is the second important step in prepping your lips. Matte lipsticks will not give your lips the boost of hydration they need. Using treatment both morning, afternoon and night is going to go a long way in making sure your lips are soft and luscious all year round. 

My RE-CREATION LIP TREATMENT will not only hydrate and soothe dry lips, it will also work to diminish fine lines around the mouth. With Sea Buckthorn Oil and Ethylhexyl Palmitate, your lips will look plumper and fuller after just a few weeks! Layer this over RE-CREATION SKIN FIRMING SERUM will add firmness to your lips helping diminish the appearance of fine lines and textured lips.

Natural Looking Lipstick and Lip Balm

In my MAKEUP MASTER CLASSES I teach effortless beauty.Changing your lip look is one of the easiest ways to breathe a little life into your makeup routine. 

For a beautiful and natural lip look, you’ll want to stick to colors that are softer and complement your skin tone. Lip oils, glosses, and sheer lipsticks are having a moment. I offer many shades in my SHEER MOISTURE LIPSTICKS line. Infused with antioxidants, my lipsticks are both lightweight and longwearing, giving you a soft and natural-looking lip. 

For divine, sexy, kissable lips, go ahead and add a swipe of one of my hydrating  HYPER GLOSSES Sensual Glow and Glow Baby are my two favorite sheer glosses which look sexy and beautiful alone or over any lipstick.. An understated glossy pink lip look continues to be all the rage. Versatile and simple, a gloss is a staple for that coveted no-makeup makeup look you’re seeing all over your FYP. 

Pro Tip: Use lip liner to keep your gloss from fading too fast. My lip lip liners are water proof which allows you to have a glass of wine at lunch or dinner and maintain color on your lips!

Step into all seasons with smoothe, kissable lips today! Pop just a few products into your makeup bag, and you’re sure to stun.