A Client Tells All

A Client Tells All

Hi! My name is Paige, and I love–nay, adore–makeup!

I pride myself on being unrecognizable from one day to the next, an impossible feat made so by great makeup. And let me tell you, BY BRIAN is one of the greats. 

As a tried and true makeup girlie, I can tell you with confidence that BY BRIAN is one of the best makeup brands I’ve ever tried. Whether I’m using eyeshadows to create a vintage clown look, or going for a classic old Hollywood glam, the quality of the product matters. And BY BRIAN has quality in spades.

Virtually Flawless

Like a lot of women, I’ve struggled with adult acne. The peaches and cream complexion I’d taken for granted suddenly vanished once I hit my mid-20s. I found myself struggling with both cystic and hormonal acne, turning to makeup as a shield to hide behind. 

Now, after years of practice, makeup has become less of a shield and more of a means of self-expression! The spots I’d been so ashamed of in my twenties have been relegated to a mere footnote in my beauty regimen. I am so much more than my acne, something Brian made abundantly clear when talking to him about my makeup and skincare needs during our VIRTUAL ONE-ON-ONE MASTER ARTIST CONSULTATION. 

woman in front of computer having a virtual makeup lesson and makeup consultation 

During our virtual consultation, Brian asked several questions not only to get to know me as a person, but also my makeup routine. He knew exactly what to ask to get me thinking about what I actually wanted out of my makeup. With a specifically curated list of products tailored to my needs, By Brian has helped me to look and feel confident as I step into my 30s, acne and all. 30, flirty, and thriving anyone?

An Eye Full

There’s no push from Brian to be anyone other than who I am–he sees my natural beauty. With a swipe of SILKY SMOOTH SHADOW  here and a dash of LIP TINT IN PEONY BALM there, BY BRIAN has helped me to feel confident and beautiful in my own skin–whether that skin be clear and smooth or red-splotched and textured. 

On a recent girls' night out, I paired his silky smooth eyeshadow in shade BARK 

with a creamy lipstick in shade SYRUPY for a grungy, effortless look. The brown shadow not only made my gray-blue eyes pop, but blended and layered beautifully.



Side Note: This particular shade is perfect for executing that soft and sultry blended wing that has the beauty industry in a chokehold right now. All you need is an angled brush and voila! You've got a bendable and buildable smoked out wing.

BY BRIAN'S shimmery shadow in shade MOLTEN CINNAMON 

also made for a lovely highlighter in the inner corner of my eyes as well as both the cupid’s bow and bridge of my nose. We love products that are multi-functional! 


Speaking of multi-functional, one of my favorite By Brian products is one that does double duty: his RE-CREATION ILLUMINATE & CONTOUR EYE TREATMENT 

is not only an anti-aging eye perfecting serum, it also works an eyeshadow primer! As someone who loves a bold eye look and wants to protect against shadows, puffiness, and wrinkles, I love that there's a product out there that can both prime and protect. 

After my free consultation with By Brian, I went ahead and ordered so many of his suggested products, including several Silky Smooth Shadows and a plethora of skincare I didn't know I needed to incorporate into my daily routine. 

There's nothing wrong with updating your makeup drawer! With Brian, I was able to update my go-to day-to-day look while also taking into account my anti-aging needs. The magic of Brian is his uncanny ability to make you feel more yourself with just a touch of product you never knew you needed! 

I'll definitely be booking and buying more.