5 Things to Prepare for a Virtual Skin Care Consultation

5 Things to Prepare for a Virtual Skin Care Consultation

Virtual Makeover

Everyone loves to look and feel their best, even behind a computer screen! Our virtual skin care consultations will have you glowing more than your monitor. Here you’ll find an easy and accessible list of the top five must-haves that will take your skincare and makeup routine from dull to dazzling! 

How to Prepare for a Virtual Skincare Consultation

1. Natural Lighting

Make sure that you position yourself in front of a window, which will allow beautiful natural light to wash over your skin. It is diffused, delicate, and clear— all things you want in a makeup look! While harsh overhead light can wash you out, natural daylight provides the most accurate reflection of your face, allowing for more detailed blending and application of product.

2.  Blank Canvas

Before logging on to one of our skincare and makeup consultations, be sure to have a freshly washed face. Our MICELLAR CLEANSING WATER is perfect to gently remove any excess makeup or oils before diving into your one-on-one consultation. Every piece of art begins with a blank canvas— your face is no different! If you find you have sensitive skin that can redden easily when removing makeup or using a cleanser, be sure to cleanse your face in advance to allow your skin time to breathe and calm down. 

Five Must-haves for a Virtual Consultation 

3. Makeover Sets to Match

A private skincare consultation or makeup consultation with me will give you an entire arsenal of tips and tricks to pull from when getting ready for the day. The best way to find success is to purchase a makeover set that corresponds to your virtual makeover class! I offer a plethora of options, from my practical "REFRESH, REVIVE AND THRIVE YOUR SKIN" MAKEOVER SET to my more playful "GET ZOOM READY" MAKEOVER SET. Each set provides you with the exact products you’ll need to achieve the look you want. No more guessing— I’ve got it covered!

4.  Mirror, Mirror

A hand mirror or a pedestal mirror will help with well-blended, natural looking makeup. No virtual skincare consultation is complete with that up close and personal reflection! A smaller mirror will help with those tricky spots. Whether you’re arching that brow to perfection or blending in serum to your neck and cheeks, a magnified visual will only help!

Skincare & Makeup Guidance Necessities

5.  Keep an open mind

I am here to help you look and feel your best. Testing out different products is a great way to get to know your skin. Let your virtual makeup expert know what you do and don’t like. Virtual makeovers give you a magic mirror to guide you through your skin care and makeup choices and applications. This magic mirror will tailor-make a routine just for you and your needs. Come ready to play with different products and brushes! Together we will create a virtual skincare and makeup experience you won’t soon forget. 

Virtual skincare and makeup consultations are like having a makeup expert speaking through the mirror! With these five easy and achievable must-haves, you will walk away from your computer ready to take on the world.