In-Person Master Makeup Workshop | 3-9 Person Group

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"I guarantee you will not be disappointed and you will look and feel your best!" - Brian Haugen 

During this 2-4 hour (time is dependent on how many persons attend) fun, in-person, group makeup, Master Workshop, Pro-Makeup Expert Brian Haugen will guide you through these areas:

Brows, Lips, Eyes, Cheeks, Foundation, Skin tone & Skincare

Brian will demonstrate on participants in the group, answer questions and teach you his Pro-Techniques which will revolutionize your makeup routine. 

This is a group class and is a fun opportunity to get together with friends and try new makeup and learn a few new tips and tricks from an expert. Brian will provide as much individual attention as possible however, individual and hands-on guidance is limited in a group class. Brian highly suggests if you are looking for individualized attention and hands-on guidance to schedule the In-Person Master Makeup Workshop One-on-One

You'll learn hands on from Brian as he "puts the brush in your hands" with his expert, time-tested approach.

All in-person Master Classes and Consultations will be held at the Brian + MW studio in Los Angeles, CA. Brian is happy to perform, provide and teach his Master Makeup Class and One-on-One Lessons at your home, hotel suite or other location. Special rates do apply for on location events.

What You Need

  • Clean, make-up free face
  • Questions

For best results schedule a Virtual 10 minute Makeup One-on-One Consultation with Brian for him to suggest the ideal skincare, makeup and tools for your Master Class.

Contact Brian directly in the Chat Box below for private parties, weddings, Zoom meetings or any other event that requires larger numbers.
Disclosure:  If less than 3 people register for this group class, the following charges will apply. The class may be cancelled if the fees are unable to be met. If two people sign up the cost per person will increase to $180/person. If only one person signs up the cost will increase to $350.00 for the single person.